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31 North 62 East

31 North 62 East (2009)

In the opening scene of "31 North 62 East" we meet the Prime Minister played by John Rhys-Davies and seems like it was based on former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott but played well over the top so that for not one minute do you think it is a real perso...

The King's Guard

The King's Guard (2000)

Let me start this review of "The King's Guard" by saying that whilst Eric Roberts' mug is emblazoned on the DVD box he is not the star of the movie, nor are Ron Perlman or Lesley-Anne Down the other truly recognizable names in this swashbuckling drama. That ...

El Alamein - The Line of Fire

El Alamein - The Line of Fire (2002)

I've lost count of the war movies I have seen which are told from the point of view of a solider on the front line and now I can add "El Alamein - The Line of Fire" to that list as we follow Sera the university volunteer into battle. But the difference here ...


Absentia (2011)

Right off the bat I need to tell people to stick with "Absentia" as right from the outset it is clear that this has been made on limited funds, it has that lesser budget look which can be off putting. But whilst it lacks the shine "Absentia" also achieves th...


Smokescreen (1964)

"Smokescreen" is the sort of British movie which you watch with not the highest of expectations, why would you when it is one of those movies which has been forgotten about and occasionally crops up on a lesser channel during the day time. Yet when you start...


Potiche (2010)

"Potiche" which translates to "Trophy Wife" is set in France during the late 70s and it not only captures the style of the era brilliantly but also delivers the charm of cinema from a bygone era. It is such a light, bubbly comedy that it could have easily be...

Hard Candy

Hard Candy (2005)

Let me first say I did not like David Slade's styling when it came "Hard Candy" it was just too commercial and by commercial I mean at times like one long advert. The scene where they drive from the coffee shop to Jeff's modern home has all the techniques yo...

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Pot o' Gold (1941)

Pot o' Gold (1941)

Jimmy (James Stewart - Shenandoah) loves his music but with his music shop struggling to pay the bills his Uncle, Charles 'C.J.' Haskell (Charles Winninger), offers him a job working for him at his health food factory. But on his way to join his Uncle's business he meets the musical McCorkle family and in particular Molly McCorkle (Paulette Goddard) who he hits it off with. But the McCorkle's don't get on with Jimmy's Uncle as he dislikes music Jimmy finds himself caught in the middle as he trie...

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