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What a Carve Up!

What a Carve Up! (1961)

Take the classic horror story of a creepy old house with a bunch of individuals having to last the night as people die but give it the 1960's British comedy treatment and you have "What a Carve Up!". And "What a Carve Up!" is is a fun little movie with plent...

Tunes of Glory

Tunes of Glory (1960)

"Tunes of Glory" is one of those movies which takes something incredibly simple and makes it absolutely fascinating. That something simple is the situation presented to us with Barrow trying to drum an undisciplined bunch of soldiers into shape but facing an...

The Servant

The Servant (1963)

I like to lay my cards on the table upfront and knew I would struggle to enjoy "The Servant" before I watched it. Partly because I had read some glowing observations about the stunning camera work which totally ignored the story but also because I saw Harold...

King & Country

King & Country (1964)

Watching and more importantly reviewing movies can leave you feel guilty when you come across a movie which is rated highly by many but you find yourself wondering what they saw in it that you didn't. It is the situation I find myself in with "King & Country...

The Walls of Hell

The Walls of Hell (1964)

"The Walls of Hell" is a very simple movie, civilian hostages in an old walled city and the good guys, Filipino soldiers lead by Americans trying to rescue them. There is no more than that simple premise, no great planning, no great history lesson, no fascin...

Victim Five

Victim Five (1964)

James Bond knock off is pretty much the only way to describe "Victim Five" which is some times given the longer title of "Code 7, Victim 5". We have the handsome Steve who has a glint in his eye when ever he is near an attractive woman, we have a millionaire...

Ambush in Leopard Street

Ambush in Leopard Street (1962)

Every movie I watch I try to find something about it which stands out, something which I could use to build a review around. But after watching "Ambush in Leopard Street" I am at a loss because other than a bit of a slow start there is nothing about this 196...

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I Dream of Murder

I Dream of Murder (2006)

A psychiatrist dealing with a patient feels a strange connection with her as if what she is experiencing now happened to the psychiatrist years earlier and when that patient dies the psychiatrist gets drawn in to who murdered her. That is actually not a bad storyli...

Web of Desire

Web of Desire (2009)

I am kind of gutted because whilst the set up of "Web of Desire" with a workaholic doctor not paying her family enough attention is pretty routine how it develops into something more akin to "Play Misty for Me" and "Fatal Attraction" is great. But then in trying to...

The Boy She Met Online

The Boy She Met Online (2010)

Normally before watching a film I have a look at who it stars and what's about, I didn't with "The Boy She Met Online" because for some reason the title suggested something to me. What it suggested to me was here we had a story about a young girl who meets someone ...

The Elizabeth Smart Story

The Elizabeth Smart Story (2003)

The name Elizabeth Smart meant nothing to me before I watched "The Elizabeth Smart Story" and to be honest it didn't mean much more to me after. Before you get angry let me explain, as a movie "The Elizabeth Smart Story" does little to make this true story come ali...

Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery

Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery (2013)

So those who have arrived at this review of "Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery" having read some of my previous reviews will be aware that I am not a big book reader and have not read the novel by Louise Penny which this is based upon. As per usual this is probably...

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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

George Fowler (Steve McQueen - The Towering Inferno), wanting to make a fresh start of his life and go to college agrees to be a getaway driver for a gang of robbers including his former girlfriend's brother Gino (David Clarke). But George only wants to drive the car, he doesn't want to do the stealing or holding up which is okay with gang leader John Egan (Crahan Denton). But with no money till they actually pull of the robbery George finds himself visiting Gino's sister Ann (Molly McCarthy) an...

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