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Abandoned and Deceived

Abandoned and Deceived (1995)

"Abandoned and Deceived" is based on a true story about a woman who following her divorce finds life incredibly difficult thanks to an ex who won't pay the court ordered child support and a social worker who has his own issues as he is divorced. What this st...

In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco

In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco (1993)

In the back of my mind I remember the Waco events because unlike many stores about tragedies in America this one did make the British news. Having said that whilst it means I had heard of David Koresh and knew how things played out in Waco I had no in-depth ...

Runaway Car

Runaway Car (1997)

It's one of many drivers' nightmares to be driving along and when they hit the break pedal nothing happens. It has happened to me and it is one of the most terrifying experiences going as suddenly you are in the hands of the Gods that nothing is going to com...

Switching Parents

Switching Parents (1993)

How many people have heard of Gregory K? It is not a name which meant anything to me before stumbling across "Switching Parents" which is also known as "Gregory K" but evidently this was the name which the media gave to 12 year old Gregory Kingsley who made ...

Darkness Before Dawn

Darkness Before Dawn (1993)

This is a two handed review because there are two sides to "Darkness Before Dawn". So on one hand here is a movie which is probably one of the most realistic looks at addiction that you will come across in a movie. We see how for an addict the temptation is ...

Jack Reed: A Search for Justice

Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)

Mid 90s made for TV crime movie involving a cop and one which is the 2nd of 5 movies in a series. I say all that because "Jack Reed: A Search for Justice" is very typical of this sort of crime movie from the mid 90s and whilst the second movie in a series ca...

There Was a Little Boy

There Was a Little Boy (1993)

"There Was a Little Boy" could have been a truly fantastic movie in fact it comes very close to being something very special but something prevents it, something which I will get to later. But let's start with the opening, a nicely atmospheric opening which ...

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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

George Fowler (Steve McQueen - The Towering Inferno), wanting to make a fresh start of his life and go to college agrees to be a getaway driver for a gang of robbers including his former girlfriend's brother Gino (David Clarke). But George only wants to drive the car, he doesn't want to do the stealing or holding up which is okay with gang leader John Egan (Crahan Denton). But with no money till they actually pull of the robbery George finds himself visiting Gino's sister Ann (Molly McCarthy) an...

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