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Timepiece (1996)

With WWII raging on Mary Chandler (Naomi Watts) secures work as a secretary in a factory belonging to David Parkin (Kevin Kilner). Soon it is clear there is something between them and their relationship leads to marriage with David becoming dad to a child Ma...

Mason of the Mounted

Mason of the Mounted (1932)

Canadian Mountie Bill Mason (Bill Cody) has been sent south of the border to try and track down some murderous horse thieves. The only clue which Mason has is a watch chain. On Bill's travels he meets young Andy (Andy Shuford) and quickly befriends him comin...

Prescription: Murder

Prescription: Murder (1968)

Psychiatrist, Dr. Ray Flemming (Gene Barry) may be married to Carol (Nina Foch) but it doesn't stop him from having an affair with Joan (Katherine Justice), one of his patients. When Carol discovers her husband's adultery she threatens to divorce him and tak...

September Gun

September Gun (1983)

Despite everyone saying no Sister Dulcina (Patty Duke) plans to take a group of orphan Apache kids to the town of Columbine to set up an orphanage in an abandoned church. But it isn't a journey she can undertake on her own which is why she has written to old...

Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate (2016)

When Kelly (Cassie Steele) finds herself in an embarrassing car accident the auto call emergency service attached to the car rings up to help. On the end of the phone is Jeff (Ryan Kennedy) a widow who has only just started working for the phone line operato...

The Young Poisoner's Handbook

The Young Poisoner's Handbook (1995)

Graham (Hugh O'Conor) is many things; a school pupil, the son of a working class father but he is also incredibly smart with an avid interest in chemistry and the power of poisons. The trouble is that Graham has no real moral compass and so when someone cros...

The Perfect Roommate

The Perfect Roommate (2011)

With a failed marriage behind her Carrie Remington (Boti Bliss) is trying to make a fresh start with a job working as a waitress although it is a huge struggle. But her luck seems to change when she becomes friends with waitress Ashley Dunnfield (Ashley Legg...

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