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Cinderella (1950)

When it comes to animations I am and have always been a fan of classic Walt Disney, those animations from before 1960. But surprisingly "Cinderella", the animation which reportedly saved the Walt Disney studio has never done it for me. And I put it down main...

Lady Beware

Lady Beware (1932)

I have always had a liking for Ginger Rogers and it is the fact that Miss Rogers appears in "Lady Beware" which attracted me to watch. Unfortunately for me Miss Rogers is in it nowhere enough for my liking and the knock on effect of that is we end up with a ...

Commando Attack

Commando Attack (1970)

What do you do when you have run out of ideas but need to make a movie; well you throw in a twist which is ridiculous. What I am no about is "Commando Attack", aka "Churchill's Leopards", which gives us a straight forwards war movie with a team sent in to bl...

The Giants of Thessaly

The Giants of Thessaly (1960)

For those who don't know we are in Jason and the Argonauts territory with "The Giants of Thessaly" which I must mention was made before Ray Harryhausen's more popular "Jason and the Argonauts". Of course the movies are constantly compared especially by fans ...

A Lonely Place to Die

A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

"A Lonely Place to Die" starts off a bit cliche, we get the close up sweep out to wide angle shot of climbers which whilst giving us a beautiful scenic shot is as I said cliche with a moment of drama as something goes wrong and we have a tumble. To say I won...

Asteroid vs. Earth

Asteroid vs. Earth (2014)

With a Yippee-Kay-Aye the American's take it upon themselves to save the planet again with a hair brained idea which would make Wile E. Coyote look like Albert Einstein. But of course the ridiculousness of not only the plan but the entire movie is the appeal...

Stolen Child

Stolen Child (2012)

True story movies come in all shapes and sizes, some aim for gritty realism others go for ease of understanding. Then there are the other sorts, the sort which are inspired by a true story and end up coming across like a cliche piece of fiction. Made for TV ...

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