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Caved In

Caved In (2006)

Explorer John Palmer (Christopher Atkins) has just agreed to take some time off from leading climbs and cave explorations to take his wife and kids for a traditional holiday to Greece when he is approached by Vincent (Colm Meaney) to lead a private explorati...

High Spirits

High Spirits (1988)

With his family home, a grand castle in Ireland, on the verge of being repossessed Peter Plunkett (Peter O'Toole) comes up with a plan to have the staff pretend to be ghosts and banshees in order to attract American tourists and stave of losing his castle. T...

The Gunslingers

The Gunslingers (2009)

Having caught the corrupt Rattler Fenton (Brad Allen), bounty hunter Butch Norton (Jack Elliott) finds getting paid for his bounty not as easy as he hoped whilst having to list to Rattler's incessant prattling on. As they journey across the west the encounte...

Truth & Lies

Truth & Lies (2015)

Two years after her father died in a car crash Taylor (Emily Tennant) is still haunted by the nightmares of that night. But the nightmares are not the worst thing that Taylor is dealing with as someone who has obtained footage of her sex tape with her ex is ...

Love on the Sidelines

Love on the Sidelines (2016)

Unfortunately for aspiring fashion designer Laurel Welk (Emily Kinney) finding work is not easy which is why when her new flat mate, a personal assistant, sets her up with a job working as a personal assistant she takes it. Unfortunately her first client is ...

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls (2003)

In the town of Darkness Falls children talk of the legend of the Tooth Fairy, an evil spirit which shows up on the night you lose your last baby tooth and if you peek when she enters your room she kills you with only light protecting you from her. When Kyle ...

The Brigand of Kandahar

The Brigand of Kandahar (1965)

Having returned to base and informed his seniors of another soldier's death Lt. Case (Ronald Lewis), a mixed race soldier, finds himself charged with cowardice thanks to the estranged husband of Elsa (Katherine Woodville) who Case has been having an affair w...

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