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Trigger Pals

Trigger Pals (1939)

There be trouble on the Allen ranch as Harvey Kent (Ted Adams) wants it and is not against treachery to get what he wants. So between his henchmen and informants he has the cattle rustled, taken to a secret cave where no one will find them. But Lucky (Arthur...

The Right Girl

The Right Girl (2015)

After her father died Kimberly (Anna Hutchison) inherited a fortune and turned ito a spoilt rich girl with a bad attitude. But then in the most embarrassing of ways she discovers that the money has gone and she has nothing, no car, no money and none of her r...


Estranged (2015)

Whilst living in South America January (Amy Manson) and her boyfriend Callum (Simon Quarterman) are involved in a road accident which leaves January not only temporarily stuck in a wheelchair but suffering from amnesia. It leads to Callum and January returni...

Little Savages

Little Savages (2016)

Albie (Noah Lomax) and his sister Tiffany (Katherine McNamara) are spending their summer with his Aunt Jackie (Leigh-Allyn Baker) and whilst Tiffany is more out going Albie is happiest with his books and science experiments. But thanks to Aunt Jackie, young ...

Between Men

Between Men (1935)

When Johnny Wellington (Johnny Mack Brown) was just a boy he was shot when a fight broke out between his father and some men with his father ending up killing the man who shot his son and then fleeing, convinced his son is dead. Johnny didn't die and grew up...

The Sand

The Sand (2015)

It's the morning after the night before when a group of graduating students hit the beach for a massive party and as they wake up they find themselves scattered about; some are in the lifeguard tower, others are sleeping on benches and some are in a car. But...

Summer Love

Summer Love (2016)

After her husband died life changed for Mia (Rachael Leigh Cook) as she went from being mum to her daughter to dad as well and then to student, returning to college as a mature student to get a degree in accounting so that she can get a decent job and end th...

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