What the Frack

Henry Ian Cusick in 10.0 Earthquake (2014)

When Los Angeles suffers a series of minor tremors, geologist nut job Gladstone (Jeffrey Jones) starts contacting all the officials he can think of as he predicts that these tremors signify something bigger the perfect 10 of an Earthquake. It seems that a fracking operation headed up by engineer Jack (Henry Ian Cusick) for Reynolds (David Chokachi) maybe behind it as Reynolds has gone behind Jack's back and changed the drilling plans which is why things are kicking off. For Jack he not only needs to try and find a solution but rescue his estranged wife as well as his daughter who has gone camping with her friends.

Yes we have a disaster movie involving fracking, well I guess back in 2014 the fear of the devastation that fracking might cause was big news so it is little surprise that someone wrote a disaster movie script using it as a theme. But the thing is that in the case of "10.0 Earthquake" the Fracking theme could be witched with any sort of drilling because what you have is a photo fit disaster movie from the heroic engineer who works for the bad company trying to save the day through to him having an estranged wife and a daughter who of course ends up with friend in danger. It is frankly so unoriginal that it becomes a chore to try and keep your self interested in the predictable events which fill the movie.

What is certainly the case is that "10.0 Earthquake" relies heavily on Henry Ian Cusick to try and appeal to the audience but like is so often the case in these types of movies Cusick looks like he spends a lot of time trying to stifle laughter at what he has to deliver. On the other hand Jeffrey Jones has fun getting to playing his nut job character larger than life and full of wit.

What this all boils down to is that "10.0 Earthquake" is just some routine disaster movie nonsense, jumping on the fracking bandwagon to create a disaster movie but delivering one which feels like you could mix n match it with any sort of company based disaster.

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