All Is Lost (2013)

All Is Lost (2013)





106 mins





One Man and his Yacht

All Is Lost (2013) Robert Redford

On a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, a sailor is woken from his sleep to discover his yacht taking in water having collided with a rogue shipping contained floating in the sea. With the yacht's radio fried as well as the navigation system the sailor is left to sail unguided whilst patching up his vessel which he does only to end up right in the middle of a storm.

I could go and rob a bank but I won't because I believe the old saying "just because you can doesn't mean you should". I wish someone had reminded those involved in with "All Is Lost" about this saying as I wouldn't have spent 106 minutes watching it and be left wondering why did they bother. Look I am not saying that "All Is Lost" is a bad movie, Redford highlights what a strong actor he is whilst the cinematography is impressive, but I question why this movie needed to be made.

Now maybe it is just me as I am definitely no sailor, in fact my excursions out on water are few and full of bad consequences, but the whole story of one man and his yacht facing up to surviving at sea in a vessel with no navigation whilst taking on water just didn't do it for me. Maybe I wanted something more sensational, something which tried to ramp up the drama rather than going for realism but the end result is a movie, mostly silent full of events but never really getting me on the edge of my seat. That is something else which also annoyed me as someone on their own will still talk out loud, curse and so on, so to have the unnamed sailor silent was not realistic one little bit, he didn't even grunt when exerting himself.

What this all boils down to is that "All is Lost" didn't do it for me one little bit despite the fact that technically it isn't a badly made movie.

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