Can't Give it it's Due

Allison Miller in Devil's Due (2014)

Having just got married, newlyweds Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach McCall (Zach Gilford) have a strange encounter as they do the sights on their Honeymoon and end up with a night they can't remember. Not long after their honeymoon they are dealt a surprise when Samantha discovers she is pregnant and Zach sets about documenting every thing with his camera. But whilst they put changes in Samantha's personality initially down to being pregnant it soon becomes apparent to Zach that something much darker has her in its grip as strange things happen to them and those they come in to contact with.

Let me just ask a question; if you were on your honeymoon and your husband feels the need to record everything, sticking his camera in your face the minute you wake up would you be already thinking you have made a huge mistake. Maybe it is me but the whole point of view camera work in "Devil's Due" was one of the big reasons why this movie became a struggle from the word go and ended up an obstructive gimmick to the mystery and the horror of the story. Yes you could say that the story calls for it as Zach ends up looking through his archive of recordings but it felt forced.

Maybe it is because of the off putting nature of the point of view cinematography that the story as Zach realises that Samantha's pregnancy is anything but normal is not that interesting either. Maybe on paper this seemed like a dark and mysterious tale but on screen it ended up shockingly tedious and due to the story style as we start at the end before leaping back to the beginning it already hints of some sort of a grizzly outcome which of course adds to the tedious nature of the movie as you know where it is going.

I always try to find some sort of positive from all the movies I watch and the one positive I can come up with here is that Allison Miller deserves to be in better movies than this. It is simply down to Miller delivering the only non bland performance in the entire movie that I managed to keep watching "Devil's Due".

What this all boils down to is that "Devil's Due" is simply one of those movies where several things contributed to it being not that good. For me the biggest issue is the point of view cinematography which ended up a nonsensical gimmick.

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