I Didn't Kill My Sister (2015)

I Didn't Kill My Sister (2015)

This Just In, Newsreader Murdered

Nicholle Tom in I Didn't Kill My Sister (2015) (aka: Murder Unresolved)

Heather (Nicholle Tom) has always had to deal with her sister Carmen (Gina Holden) getting everything her way, having the looks and also a career as a newsreader on a local TV station. The best Heather can do is work as an assistant to her sister at the station where despite the fact they are going through a divorce Carmen still presents the news with her husband Mason (Chris William Martin). With Carmen becoming even more of a bitch to Heather as her divorce is played out in public tension rises between them especially as Carmen's teenage daughter Brooke (Sarah Desjardins) would rather spend time at Heather's. So when Carmen is found dead in her pool the police suspect murder and as others are aware that Heather was jealous of Carmen they suspect her of murder. With someone feeding stories to the press about her being unstable Heather sets about proving she didn't kill her sister.

First things first "I Didn't Kill My Sister" is also known as "Murder Unresolved" and secondly this is a movie with a storyline which if it had been made 20 years earlier would have been perfect for a "Columbo" TV movie or a "Perry Mason" one. But "I Didn't Kill My Sister" is a 21st century Lifetime movie and that means we don't have a bumbling detective or a cool as a cucumber attorney doing the investigating, nope we get the woman who is the main suspect turning amateur detective to save her own skin. And as such it has to be said that "I Didn't Kill My Sister" is an extremely typical modern Lifetime thriller, some might even say classic in its construct.

Gina Holden in I Didn't Kill My Sister (2015) (aka: Murder Unresolved)

What that means is we get a build up which provides motive for the cops to suspect Heather from people knowing she was always a little jealous of her sister to her being close to her soon to be ex brother-in-law. But of course there are others who could also have done it, there is the husband who we quickly become aware of will lie to protect his own back, plus there is the teen daughter who argued with her mum whilst Mason's lawyer might also be involved. As such what plays out in "I Didn't Kill My Sister" is a simple case of Heather having to deal with the pressure of being the main suspect and also someone trying to frame her for it.

What this all boils down to is that "I Didn't Kill My Sister" is pretty much a typical Lifetime thriller with a woman turning detective to prove her innocence and not only ending up in danger but having to be smart to save her own skin. But for those who enjoy these crime stories it is entertaining enough especially if you are a fan of Nicholle Tom.

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