Dangerous Protests

Jordan Hinson in Trigger Point (2015)

Callie Banner (Jordan Hinson) is a good girl who works hard at school, holds down an after school job and also ends up caring for her father who since losing his job has become a drunk who is always sorry for himself. It is whilst at college she becomes aware of a group of activists and finds her joining in with their campaigns and protests especially as their target is the company who fired her father. But soon Callie becomes aware that not only are members of the group being mysteriously attacked and killed but so are their parents. With the police not doing their job to investigate Callie takes it upon herself to star.

"Trigger Points" starts with two women playing tennis but after they leave one reaches for a ringing phone in her bag and boom, she is blown to smithereens in an explosion. It is a scene which rather than delivering shock and intrigue makes you laugh because not only is it unbelievable but the effects are weak. And sadly "Trigger Point" never manages to come good after this as not only is the storyline uninteresting but the characters are less than interesting and engaging as well.

Part of the trouble comes from Jordan Hinson playing Callie in not so much an intense way but making her a teenager who is far to serious and grown up. It makes her increasingly difficult to warm to and more importantly care about when the bad stuff comes to happen. On the subject of the bad stuff, well it fails to make us interested in who is doing all the killing, yes there is the big corporation which Callie and her friends are protesting against but that element of not caring prevents us from giving a damn as to what happens.

What this all boils down to is that "Trigger Points" ends up a movie going through the motions but with it failing to deliver characters to care about and a storyline which intrigues it never really captures your attention.

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