A Few Best Men (2011) starring Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl directed by Stephan Elliott Movie Review

A Few Best Men (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Xavier Samuel in A Few Best Men (2011)

A Few Good Jokes

Whilst in Australia David (Xavier Samuel) met Mia (Laura Brent) and was smitten, so smitten that after a week he proposed and flew back to the UK to get his life long friends Graham (Kevin Bishop), Luke (Tim Draxl) and Tom (Kris Marshall) to return to Australia to attend his wedding as his best men. But between Tom being not in favour of marriage, Luke dealing with being dumped and Graham being a fool with a recently grown Chaplin moustache things certainly don't go smoothly especially as Mia's father is a politician who sees the wedding as a chance to advance his political position.

What happens when you find yourself in conversation with someone you don't like? Do you do the polite thing and stick it out or do you make your excuses and get the hell out of there. I stick it out and that is the same when it comes to movies where I find myself presented with some unlikeable characters which is the case of "A Few Best Men". Every single character in this comedy from director Stephan Elliott is simply unlikeable and so it is a case of enduring the comedy which is presented without caring what happens and who ends up hurt.

But the lack of sympathy and empathy for the characters is not the only issue with "A Few Best Men" as it ends up feeling like a movie inspired by many other movies such as "The Hangover" as we have friends messing everything up for David as his wedding day approaches. That means we have a stag night from hell, amnesia the next morning and of course an inappropriate wedding speech amongst other things including accidentally getting involved with a drug dealer. It is all too familiar and as we don't care for the characters the jokes end up lacking something.

What this all boils down to is that "A Few Best Men" has a few good laughs but for the most it comes across as a weak mishmash of other laddish wedding comedies whilst making the huge mistake of failing to make any of the characters likeable.