A Gift of Miracles (2015) Rachel Boston, Jesse Moss, Andrew Airlie, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Rita Moreno Movie Review

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Rachel Boston and Jesse Moss in A Gift of Miracles (2015)

Extraordinary Coincidences

Darcy (Rachel Boston - Ice Sculpture Christmas) has become a very logical person who is on the verge of getting a Science PhD, except her professor takes a look at her dissertation and insists she speaks to Nathan (Jesse Moss - Buried Secrets), a laid back English Professor, to help her rework it so it speaks to its intended audience rather than being dry. Begrudgingly Darcy agrees despite on initially meeting Nathan being less than impressed by his more laid back/ universe at work view on life. But when a window breaks at her dad's home it leads to Darcy coming across a notebook belonging to her mother, who was killed in a car crash when Darcy was just a baby, which contains a list of names and items she wanted those people to have. With the help of Nathan, Darcy sets about finding the people on the list and giving them what her mum had wanted as he is convinced it will not only help her with her writing but also that it was the universe at work and it was her destiny to find the notebook.

There was a time in my life I believed that we were in charge of our own destiny and we could become what ever we wanted by following a set of rules and focussing all our mind, body and soul on the goal. But these days I no longer believe that and whilst I don't believe in a "new age" universal power at work I do believe in a God who is in control and everything happens for a reason, often leaving us questioning why? The reason I mention this is that "A Gift of Miracles", whilst a Hallmark movie, features a storyline about a woman who goes from believing in logic and scientific explanations to someone who believes that not everything in life can be explained but everything happens for a reason, in this case controlled by some sort of "new age" universal power. And to be honest there is a depth to the story in "A Gift of Miracles" which you don't tend to find in other Hallmark movies.

But of course "A Gift of Miracles" is a Hallmark movie which means for all the "mystery of the universe" stuff there are many typical elements. So to be quick a Hallmark movie wouldn't be a Hallmark movie without attractive people and some romance and so with Rachel Boston and Jesse Moss we get those boxes ticked although in fairness "A Gift of Miracles" isn't a movie solely reliant on the romance as we have the journey which Darcy goes on.

What this all boils down to is that "A Gift of Miracles" is in some ways a typical Hallmark movie. But the with this story about how not everything can be explained and how there is a destiny at work in our lives it has a bit more to it that many Hallmark movies have.