A Wife's Nightmare (2014) Jennifer Beals, Dylan Neal, Lola Tash, Spencer List Movie Review

A Wife's Nightmare (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jennifer Beals in A Wife's Nightmare (2014)

Lola's Lolita

After suffering a mental breakdown which led to a spell in a psychiatric hospital Liz (Jennifer Beals - The Night Before the Night Before Christmas) has returned home and straight back to work as her musician husband, Gabe (Dylan Neal - Dangerous Intuition), is not bringing in any income. On top of this an attractive young woman called Caitlin (Lola Tash) shows up at their home claiming to be Gabe's daughter from a previous relationship, a daughter he never even knew existed. Despite it being awkward, and unsure about having the attractive Caitlin in their home, Liz agrees to let her stay whilst they sort things out as to whether Gabe is really her father. But as they wait for confirmation things start to happen to cause Liz to worry that she is having another mental breakdown.

Within a few minutes of "A Wife's Nightmare" starting I knew exactly how this movie would play out as first we learn that Liz has just returned home after suffering a mental breakdown and then we have the attractive Caitlin showing up at their home and moving in. Yes for those who don't realise we are in the realms of another "driving me insane" movie where a woman who already has had psychological issues finds herself being manipulated out of the scene by someone trying to make her lose her mind once again. And that of course means at some point Liz will fight back from the verge of insanity to discover the truth which puts her in a dangerous situation.

Lola Tash in A Wife's Nightmare (2014)

The thing is that whilst "A Wife's Nightmare" is a predictable movie it benefits from decent casting. With her pleasant persona it is extremely easy to like Jennifer Beals as Liz and feel for her as it is clear that someone is trying to drive her insane. Then there is Dylan Neal who turns on the devilish charm as her husband Gabe and straight way you get that sense that you can understand why women fall for him, but at the same time suspect he is up to no good. But the most interesting of all the casting is Lola Tash as she brings so much to her character from the intially cute attractiveness which works well with the flirtatious side as she seems to be toying with Liz's son. But at the same time there is an element of sensitivity to her which makes you wonder how it will play out for her come the end of "A Wife's Nightmare". In fairness Spencer List also puts in a decent performance as Liz and Gabe's son but has a character who often borders on the annoying.

What this all boils down to is that "A Wife's Nightmare" is for many a TV movie fan a familiar sort of movie as it uses the driving someone insane storyline. Maybe for those who are new to this sort of movie will find it intriguing but for fans of the genre it will end up ultimately familiar although still enjoyable due to the decent casting.