Abducted Love (2016) (aka: My Husband Is Missing) Daphne Zuniga, Aaron Pearl, Robert Underwood, Christopher De-Schuster Movie Review

Abducted Love (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Daphne Zuniga in Abducted Love (2016)

Abducted Interest

Ann Bradshaw (Daphne Zuniga - Gone Missing) had headed off to work at the dental practice as she normally does but later on that day her daughter Casey (Nicole Muñoz) calls as her father Dale (Robert Underwood) hasn't shown up to pick her up. On returning home they are not only greeted by Dale's business partner, Mel Davidson (David Lewis), who is worried as Dale didn't show up at work but also det. Barry Matthews (Aaron Pearl - The Wedding March) as it appears Dale has been forcibly kidnapped. Whilst Barry works closely with Ann to find her husband they end up becoming a little too close. But then drugs agent Sarah Pullman (Johannah Newmarch - Icetastrophe) shows up as they have been monitoring both Dale and Mel Davidson for a few months and takes over the case.

Here's a true story, I put "Abducted Love", which also goes by the name of "My Husband in Missing", on to watch and review but before I knew it I was an hour into the movie and my mind had drifted elsewhere. So I started to watch it again and the second time I forced myself to stay focused on what is going on and the end result is a movie which was neither enthralling nor entertaining. But it was in truth no better or worse than the majority of these made for TV movies which often air on Lifetime.

Aaron Pearl in Abducted Love (2016)

Now what I will say about "Abducted Love" is that firstly it is a movie with some familiar actors who bring their likeable nature to the movie such as Daphne Zuniga and Aaron Pearl. What we also have is another movie set in America but filmed in Canada and I reckon using some of the same house sets which other made for TV movies have used, many of which are typically beautiful and better than your average households. But all of this is pretty routine and whilst both Daphne Zuniga and Aaron Pearl are likeable their characters are forgettable.

What you also get is a storyline which desperately tries to throw you off the scent and make you second guess yourself when it comes to how it is going to end, tossing twists and red herrings at the audience. But as is so often the case with this sort of movie, when your instincts make you think "Abducted Love" will play in a certain way your instincts are usually right.

What this all boils down to is that "Abducted Love" didn't do a lot for me and whilst there were some twists they didn't distract from what seemed the most obvious thing about the movie. To put it very simply, whilst there is just about enough to make "Abducted Love" entertaining it is also extremely forgettable.