After School Special (2003) starring Erik von Detten, Tony Denman, Daniel Farber, Sarah-Jane Potts, Amy Smart, Tom Arnold directed by David M. Evans Movie Review

After School Special (2003)   2/52/52/52/52/5

After School Special (2003) starring Erik von Detten, Tony Denman, Daniel Farber, Sarah-Jane Potts, Amy Smart

After School Not So Special

Friends Deacon, Fred and Matt (Erik von Detten, Tony Denman, Daniel Farber) all want to do it the Montoya way, get the money and get the girls and they plan to do so with their little business of pirating porn movies which Fred gets from the video store where he works. Except things go wrong when firstly Deacon doesn't get the car he expected for his birthday and then Fred gets fired from his job. With their Montoya dream in danger Deacon decides they should make a porno movie. But their attempts to make a porno movie do not go well and they don't go unnoticed especially by a local company already in the porno racket.

Maybe it's because of having recently endured the painful "National Lampoon's Dirty Movie" my expectations for "After School Special" which is also known as "National Lampoon's Barely Legal" were extremely low yet I was mildly amused. Oh don't get me wrong as "After School Special" is as weak as they come when it comes to teen sex comedies but at least there is some sort of storyline interspersed with moments of nudity and sex jokes.

But to be honest there isn't a lot to say about "After School Special" as all it is are the misadventures of three teens trying to make a porno. There is a cliche scene featuring them creating fake driving licences so they can go to a strip club, there is a premature ejaculation scene, there is some typical bullying of our high school uncool kids. But there isn't much else to the storyline as in fact the movie starts with us discovering our three friends in trouble with the local porn king business.

About the only thing which "After School Special" has going for it is that visually it doesn't look like a movie made with what ever loose change could be scraped up from down the back of the couch. Whilst we have a young cast there are some recognizable faces such as Tom Arnold and Amy Smart and whilst the acting is not great from anyone at least the actors are not embarassed playing their parts.

What this all boils down to is that "After School Special" is in truth a poor movie but in a strange way it is exactly what you expect from a National Lampoon's teen sex comedy.