All Yours (2016) Nicollette Sheridan, Dan Payne, Lochlyn Munro, Jayne Eastwood, Genea Charpentier, Kiefer O'Reilly Movie Review

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All Yours (2016)

The Manny

Cass McKay (Nicollette Sheridan - The Christmas Spirit) has a problem; as a go getting attorney she is at the top of her game, confident in her ability to win a case even when it seems hopeless. But as a single mum her work schedule means she needs a nanny to look after her children and as they are as confident and clever as their mother have gone through 5 nannies in 6 months already. With Cass's mum, Vivian (Jayne Eastwood - Last Chance for Christmas), already busy with her diner finds herself tasked with finding a new nanny. That is when she thinks outside the box and hires Matthew Walker (Dan Payne - Buried Secrets), the son of her friend Charles (Michael Kopsa - Killer Photo) who wants his son to stop travelling and settle down in town. Not only does Cass now have to deal with a "manny" but one who is a lot more easy going than she is. But maybe not only will Matthew be just what Cass needs but maybe Cass and her children will be what Matthew needs?

First things first: if you are a fan of the easy watch nature of Hallmark movies then "All Yours" will entertain in an expected manner. From the minute we have single mum hiring a man to care for her children we know what the happy ever after is going to be. At the same time you can guess along the way Cass will find it incredibly hard to deal with having a man look after her kids whilst inevitably the children end up bonding with him. There is also a little something extra to the story, something I haven't mentioned in the synopsis but it is only a typical thing you will find in many a Hallmark movie so will let you discover that for yourself when you watch "All Yours".

But whilst "All Yours" is for most just a typical Hallmark movie which delivers everything you expect from romance to kids playing pranks their nanny, what this movie also wants to do is highlight some of the issues a single mum might face when it comes to hiring a male nanny be it issues of trust to issues with seeing their children bond to this substitute father figure. The thing is that whilst it highlights various real life issues you have to be willing to look beneath the usual Hallmark family friendly fun to really see them.

What this all boils down to is that "All Yours" is for the most part just another Hallmark movie which might just feel like a lot of familiar family friendly fun thrown together in the usual manner. But to give credit where it is due there are some real life issues hidden beneath those layers of fun.