An Eye for an Eye (1981) Chuck Norris, Christopher Lee, Richard Roundtree, Matt Clark, Mako, Maggie Cooper, Rosalind Chao, Professor Toru Tanaka Movie Review

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Chuck Norris in An Eye for an Eye (1981)

A Score to Settle

It was on an undercover operation that San Francisco detective, Sean Kane (Chuck Norris), lost his partner, gunned down when they were lured into an alley behind a building. Reprimanded by his superior, Capt. Stevens (Richard Roundtree), over what happened Sean quits the force and decides to take matters in to his own hands to try and track down the killers especially as he is convinced that some one in the force leaked their operation to the drug dealers they were trying to bust. When a reported friend also gets killed it leads Kane in to investigating a TV station owned by Morgan Canfield (Christopher Lee) where he becomes close to Heather (Maggie Cooper), an editor.

"An Eye for an Eye" is a movie which came from an era where the charisma and action skills of the leading man would often carry a movie. Basically what I am saying is that you don't really watch "An Eye for an Eye" hoping for an intriguing crime drama ripped with tension and twists but because this is a Chuck Norris movie from a time when he was all about the action. As such whilst the storyline which features undercover cops, drug barons and someone who might be corrupt on the force it isn't the most gripping. Plus with this being a movie from back in 1981 it has the feel of a crime drama from the late 70s with a storyline which feels generic.

So how is Chuck Norris in "An Eye for an Eye" as that is the real question? Well when it comes to playing the part of the gently spoken cop who thinks before he acts, well he is good but let's be honest it is a pretty typical Chuck Norris character and performance which is a reason as to why this is certainly not memorable. But of course the big question is what is the action like and you get a treat as we get Chuck Norris up against Professor Toru Tanaka which that alone is a good reason to watch "An Eye for an Eye" although we do also have Mako who brings a touch of wisdom and humour to his part which adds a nice layer to the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "An Eye for an Eye" is nothing special and features the sort of stereotypical storyline that Steven Seagal would use a few years later. But this is the sort of movie you watch for the action and whilst I wouldn't say it was great I would say it was enough to make it worthwhile.