Another Chance (1989) Bruce Greenwood, Vanessa Angel, Frank Annese, Jeff East Movie Review

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Bruce Greenwood in Another Chance (1989)

Hollywood and Bust

John Ripley (Bruce Greenwood) is a good looking playboy soap star who loves to play the field to the point he is pushing one of his conquests out the back door so the next one can come through the front. But then he meets Jackie Johanson (Vanessa Angel) his agent and best friend, Russ's (Frank Annese), latest client and John finds himself smitten. Unfortunately John just can't stop himself and before long he is cheating on her and ending up being caught in a compromising position. It is then that John realises that not only was Jackie the one for him but he has lost everything and now needs to start from scratch.

Watching "Another Chance" now some 27 years after it was made my first thought was they would never make such a chauvinistic movie like this now where part of the entertainment comes from watching John and his friends using their dogs to pick up women, often in bikinis or high cut swimsuits. That is not the only reason as this also features one of those road to redemption storylines where someone has it all and then goes through the humbling experience of losing everything and realising what a jerk they are. In many ways whilst "Another Chance" is anything but a classic it is classic 80s in style and in some ways has a tone which reminds me of "Arthur".

Vanessa Angel in Another Chance (1989)

Now "Another Chance" is entertaining enough as a bit of 80s entertainment but you soon realise when you start watching why it isn't mentioned in the same breath as other 80s movies. It is because after the set up you soon realise that it was the set up which was the best bit. That brings me to Bruce Greenwood who with his 80s hair and 80s fashion certainly delivers an entertaining playboy performance with a glint in his eyes and lashings of womanizer charm. And then there is Vanessa Angel who what she lacks in acting skills in this she makes up for with playful charm which makes her seductive.

There is more to "Another Chance" than this, there is some 80s power ballads, nudity, a couple of mysterious elderly gentlemen and of course John losing it all and having to start again which features some amusing ideas including being his own celebrity look alike. But again when you watch "Another Chance" now the appeal is more to do with that nostalgic aspect of it being 80s in style rather than for what actually goes on in the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Another Chance" whilst nowhere close to being a classic 80s movie certainly has that classic 80s feel about it which if that is what you enjoy you will end up enjoying this.