Another Woman's Child (1983) Linda Lavin, Tony Lo Bianco, Tracey Gold, Joyce Van Patten, Doris Roberts Movie Review

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Tony Lo Bianco and Linda Lavin in Another Woman's Child (1983)

Bringing Up Her Baby

Terry (Linda Lavin) and Mike DeBray (Tony Lo Bianco) have had a long and happy marriage, with out children. But it is put to the test when something from Mike's past suddenly stirs things up. That thing happens to be Mike's secret daughter Lisa (Tracey Gold) whose mother is dying from a brain tumour. Initially shell shocked by the revelation Terry eventually comes around and agrees with Mike that they should adopt Lisa, except some thing else suddenly arises to cause them problems.

There are times a movie can leave you lost for words because it surprises and shocks you, other times it leaves you at a loss for words because of the exact opposite. That is sadly the case of "Another Woman's Child" an effective and entertaining made for TV movie from 1983 but the sort which are a dime a dozen. And whilst okay to watch, "Another Woman's Child" fails to leave any lasting impression.

Tracey Gold in Another Woman's Child (1983)

Part of the reason why "Another Woman's Child" ends up frankly forgettable is that it is pretty predictable. You know that once we have the revelation of Mike and his secret child we will get some bonding between father and daughter but also problems when Terry is told of the child. But as night follows day of course she will come around and considering the situation decide they should raise Lisa together. I could go on but there are next to no surprises in this 80s drama which hits its marks but does so in only an ordinary manner.

Because of this "Another Woman's Child" becomes all about the emotional charm of the story and the characters with a series of performances which whilst pleasant are in truth unremarkable. Watching Mike bond with Lisa is sweet with Tony Lo Bianco turning on the easy going charm whilst Tracey Gold turns on the child cuteness as young Lisa. It leaves most of the conflict to come from Linda Lavin as Terry and whilst entertaining I have to sound like a broken record and say it is a routine performance.

What this all boils down to is that "Another Woman's Child" is simply one of those 80s made for TV movies which is easy to watch and reasonably charming but ultimately forgettable.