Anything for a Friend (1973) Ettore Manni, Paolo Rosani, Sleepy Warren, Angela Portaluri Movie Review

Anything for a Friend (1973)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ettore Manni in Anything for a Friend (1973)

In Need of a Friend

Conmen, Jonas (Ettore Manni) and Mark (Paolo Rosani) get by in life but find themselves along with a rest of a town suffering from gold fever when they head up in to the mountains seeking their fortune. But when they end up being robbed by a band of outlaws they set about taking the fight to the bad guys to get their gold back.

As "Anything for a Friend" starts the accompanying music has the chirpy nature of a 70s British sitcom not at all what you expect from a spaghetti western even one which is a comedy. And in fairness it is quite pleasant despite being curious but then pleasant but curious could describe "Anything for a Friend" as a whole as it doesn't have a great deal of story and seems more like a collection of set pieces. But those set pieces are a much of a muchness as we get an uneasily staged barroom brawl as well as Jonas pulling cons as a man of the cloth.

The thing about "Anything for a Friend" is that whilst the final product ends up seriously under whelming it is a movie which as you watch you can see potential. Most of that comes from the performances of Ettore Manni and Paolo Rosani, here cast under the names of Red Carter and Bud Randall, as each play the humour of their parts well. But because this movie never flows and ends up more like a series of sketches it fails to be memorable even on the rare occasion when it gets it right.

What this all boils down to is that "Anything for a Friend" is not very good, simple as that with it ending up feeling more like a series of sketches than a movie. But whilst it isn't very good it is still entertaining, almost enjoyable for being bad.