Appetite for Love (2016) Taylor Cole, Andrew W. Walker, Marcus Rosner, Robert Moloney, Alley Mills Movie Review

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Taylor Cole in Appetite for Love (2016)

Sweet Home Sycamore Springs

Following High School, Mina Jones (Taylor Cole - Christmas Festival of Ice) ditched her sports jock boyfriend and then ditched her hometown of Sycamore Springs for a career in the big city. And life in the city is going well for Mina as she has a great job with International Corporate Brands and she has a handsome boyfriend who has their future mapped out. But then Mina finds herself having to head back to Sycamore Springs as her company wants to buy a restaurant there but the owner refuses to sell, and if Mina convinces the owner to sell she will get a huge promotion. Trouble is the owner of that restaurant is Clay (Andrew W. Walker - Love on Ice), her former high school sweetheart who having inherited the restaurant, when his father passed away, has no plans on selling up. Whilst Mina won't take no for an answer it soon becomes apparent that they still have feelings for each other.

One day I will make time to wade through all my reviews of Hallmark movies to make a list of those which feature someone from the city returning to their hometown and realising that they still have feelings for their childhood sweetheart. And when I do "Appetite for Love" will be in that long list as that is what this is, with of course the obligatory subplots from Mina being in town on business which makes things awkward to the handsome boyfriend in the city, whilst of course being back home brings out some small town girl in her. I could go on but I would take a guess that most people who watch "Appetite for Love" will have already watched other Hallmark movies which use the same storyline and know exactly what to expect.

Andrew W. Walker in Appetite for Love (2016)

But like a broken record I have to say when something isn't broke why fix it and this storyline is entertaining enough for the intended audience. On that note both Taylor Cole and Andrew W. Walker have that right easy going appeal for that same audience adding to that sense of familiarity which makes "Appetite for Love" easy to watch, which is part of the movie's appeal for the Hallmark movie loving crowd.

What this all boils down to is that "Appetite for Love" is just a typical Hallmark romantic comedy which re-uses that old storyline of hometown/high school love when a city girl returns home. It won't be for everyone due to its easy going nature but will work for those who enjoy Hallmark movies.