Behemoth (2011) starring Ed Quinn, Pascale Hutton, Cindy Busby, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Ty Olsson directed by W.D. Hogan Movie Review

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Ed Quinn in Behemoth (2011)

Attention for Ascension

As Thomas Walker (Ed Quinn) and his construction team set to work in a small wooded area near Mount Lincoln, Ascension a tremor causes a branch to fall on one of his men who whilst seemingly having only broken his leg dies before they can get him in a truck and down to the hospital. It makes Thomas curious as to what happened especially as his sister Grace (Cindy Busby) is planning on taking a camping trip up there whilst his eccentric father William (William B. Davis) is convinced there is some sort of monster in the mountain which is behind a series of mysteries not just in Ascension but all over the planet. Others are also paying attention to what is going on in Ascension including Jack Murray (Ty Olsson) from the army and geologist Emily Allington (Pascale Hutton) who grew up in the town and knows Thomas.

I think I may be wired differently to other people as when a friend saw the cover for "Behemoth" he commented on it looking like unwatchable nonsense full of bad acting, familiar characters and poor special effects. I agreed with almost everything he said but felt being so familiar and inevitably cheesy makes it entertaining in that special bad movie sort of way where you get to enjoy every groan it induces from you without having to focus on the detail too much.

Pascale Hutton in Behemoth (2011)

The thing about "Behemoth" is everything about it is telegraphed; when we meet Thomas we know he will be the hero, and when we meet Emily we know she will be the love interest, his father the eccentric will be proven right and probably have the key to sorting things out whilst his sister will end up in trouble and in need of rescuing. Divulging that is not a spoiler as "Behemoth" is simply that predictable and it works because in that familiarity it is easy to watch and quite amusing when you have William B. Davis playing someone who people think is an eccentric with his clippings and drawings pinned to a wall like he was Mulder.

To be honest there isn't a great deal else to say about "Behemoth" as the effects aren't the best and the cinematography is at best standard. And as for the acting well it is TV Movie effective with all the cast having a certain type of appeal with Ed Quinn looking like he could be Bradley Cooper's older brother. None of the acting is so bad that it stinks but more of the sort that a day or two later you will be trying to remember who starred in this.

What this all boils down to is that "Behemoth" was a fun distraction but only because I have a fondness for these easy to watch monster movies. But I can appreciate how for some it will be painful nonsense with no originality, bad effects and poor acting.