Between the Walls (2006) Patrick Midgley, Eli Jared, Dorothy Savage, Scott Davis Movie Review

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Patrick Midgley in Between the Walls (2006)

Secrets in the Cellar

Following the death of his father, Peter King Jr. (Patrick Midgley) returns home with his wife Linda (Dorothy Savage) to deal with his father's belongings as they have only 5 days before the bank forecloses on the house and anything which is let will be auctioned off. It is hard for Peter to deal with being in his father's home as his childhood was not the most memorable of times due to his father's strictness and bullying. But things take a strange turn when Peter, his wife and his friend from childhood Ryan (Eli Jared) enter a locked room in the basement and discover that Peter's father not only had the entire house bugged but recorded every moment of their lives which is how his father seemed to know everything. Struggling with the pain of what his father did and unable to forgive, Ryan tries to help Peter by convincing him to hand his burden over to God.

Oh yes, with those words is should be clear that "Between the Walls" is a piece of Christian Cinema and is in the category of entertainment for an already Christian audience seeking a movie to watch with a Christian message rather than an evangelical movie made to appeal to mainstream audiences. As such let me get the boring bits out of the way with which include the production as a whole does not have the shine of a mainstream movie with some okay acting, okay editing and okay directing although Chris Staron manages to create an air of suspense early on which stand outs.

Eli Jared in Between the Walls (2006)

With the boring bits out of the way with what we get in "Between the Walls" is Peter and a whole bundle of resentment he has knotting him up inside due to his disciplinarian father who forced him to learn the scripture as a chid and have a distanced relationship with God because of it with Ryan's faith causing him a headache. It is one of those Christian movies which don’t shy away from portraying Christianity in every day life and that does mean there are scenes which border on the cheesy where someone prays to god and to make it work for the audience they say things out loud rather than saying the words in their head.

The thing is that whilst "Between the Walls" has an awkward side it is surprisingly fascinating because of that creepy set up of a house which has been bugged and a room full of recordings. It means that part of you wants to know why Peter's father recorded every moment of their lives with a set up which was a bit like a CIA hidden room.

What this all boils down to is that "Between the Walls" is actually a fascinating little movie with a decent amount of intrigue whilst also being a Christian movie aimed at a Christian audience.