Big Business (1929) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Movie Review

Big Business (1929)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Big Business (1929)

Find a Hardy Laurel for Christmas

Stan and Ollie have turned their hands to selling Christmas trees by going door to door in a sunny Californian town. Unsurprisingly business is slow with one door being shut in their face after another. When Stan and Ollie end up having an argument with one customer things don't go at all well as whilst he sets about destroying their car they set about destroying his home and garden.

I would urge anyone who is a fan of Christmas movies and find themselves over indulging with festive films to the point they grow tiresome to search out Laurel and Hardy's "Big Business" as it will restore than smile to your face with lots of absurd comedy. Of course that all starts with Laurel & Hardy trying to make money by going door to door in California of all places to sell real Christmas trees. It is a perfectly ridiculous idea for plenty of perfectly ridiculous silent comedy with loads of slapstick.

But the ridiculousness of "Big Business" doesn't stop there as we get this hilarious tit for tat war of destruction as Stan & Ollie damage a man's home and garden every time he damages their car with it turning into a case of who can destroy the other's property the most with windows smashed, trees chopped down and plenty more. It is of course wildly over the top but enjoyable for being such with James Finlayson doing a good job of holding his own in the visual comedy stakes as the unhappy home owner.

What this all boils down to is that whilst not technically a Christmas movie "Big Business" is a perfect antidote when you have over done watching the extremely typical modern Christmas movies and have become tired with them.