Michael Dudikoff, Gary Hudson, Catherine Bell, Michael Cavanaugh Movie Review

Black Thunder (1998)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Michael Dudikoff in Black Thunder (1998)

Silent Thunder

The military are in the midst of testing their new Nova Stealth fighter when it is stolen and is on its way in to hostile hands. The only man capable of getting the plane back is test-pilot Vince Conners (Michael Dudikoff - The Woman Who Sinned) so reluctantly with his partner Jannick (Gary Hudson) set out in pursuit of the Nova which has headed for Libya. But things don't go well as Jannick is captured and Conners ends up on the run having to find some way of getting the Nova back before terrorists do something nasty with it.

Trying to sum up "Black Thunder" I came to the conclusion that if you were a fan of Michael Dudikoff you might watch it but other than that this is the sort of movie which only gets watched by those who return home having had a few and start channel surfing or those who can't sleep and start channel surfing. There is no other reason to watch this other than being a foolish movie fan that will watch and review a movie because they hadn't seen it before.

Now I am not going to waste time trying to sell this movie as from the title "Black Thunder" to the opening scenes with some faux close quarter flying this screams mindless rubbish and it never gets any better. Maybe compared to other Dudikoff movies this great, I read one review which thought it was one of his best, but from a general movie's fans perspective it is inferior from start to finish, taking a familiar concept with the good guy all alone in a foreign country and doing nothing exciting with it. Even the action is boring as are the special effects and you really start to wish for something out of the blue to happen to at least grab your attention, unsurprisingly it never does although a couple of women get topless.

What this all boils down to is that "Black Thunder" is a b-movie through and through with nothing in it other than an actor you make like to cause you to go out of your way to watch it.