Blazing Justice (1936) starring Bill Cody, Gertrude Messinger, Gordon Griffith, Milburn Morante, Budd Buster, Frank Yaconelli directed by Albert Herman Movie Review

Blazing Justice (1936)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Bill Cody in Blazing Justice (1936)

Smiling Justice

When outlaws cause trouble and shoot the sheriff, Ray Healy (Bill Cody) intervenes and manages to catch two of them whilst a third Max (Gordon Griffith) manages to escape. Max's close shave doesn't put him off and a little while later pulls off another robbery, killing a man in the process but before escaping he takes Ray's horse. The horse switch causes Ray to become the Sheriff's suspect and he has to talk his way out of the situation as he has a plan to dupe Max into a trap with an advert over a sum of insurance money.

It's amusing watching some old westerns because they quite literally could have been made on another planet or even as a spoof because of their unnatural dialogue, characters and styling. That is how it feels when watching "Blazing Justice" a western from way back in 1936 starring b-movie actor Bill Cody, not to be confused with the western legend. Everything about "Blazing Justice" is false and right from the opening scenes as Ray walks into the friendliest bar in the entire West where people jovially sing and join in whilst being incredibly polite to each other with a huge smile on their faces. As I said it could just have easily been done as a spoof as it is ridiculous in nature.

The trouble is that this smiling, very nice nature where people say shucks and fights feature only thrown punches is so dominant that it pushes "Blazing Justice" towards the being entertainingly bad stage. Except the trouble is that the actual plot to "Blazing Justice" is uninspiring and so after you get over the unnatural styling there is nothing to entertain. Even the acting and action is poor and uninspired making it hard work.

What this all boils down to and I have said it before "Blazing Justice" is one of these old westerns which now is really of no interest to anyone except those whose love of westerns leads them to want to watch as many as possible.