Blind Date (1987) starring Kim Basinger, Bruce Willis, John Larroquette directed by Blake Edwards Movie Review

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Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger in Blind Date (1987)

Adventures in Dating Kim Basinger

You know how in "Gremlins" you weren't meant to feed them after midnight or else there would be trouble, well "Blind Date" is similar, don't give Kim Basinger any alcohol no matter what the time of day is. I had fond memories of "Blind Date" I remembered it as a hilarious romantic comedy from before Bruce Willis became John McClane and where a drunken Kim Basinger drove Bruce insane. Unfortunately having rewatched it for the first time in probably 2 decades it wasn't the movie I remembered, oh it's still funny with some memorable scenes and a trio of fun performances but that is all and the actual storyline well it was a bit of a let down.

With an important business dinner to go to, workaholic Walter Davis (Bruce Willis - The Expendables) is in need of a date and when his sister-in-law suggests her cousin Nadia Walker (Kim Basinger - No Mercy) has to accept but he is warned not to let her drink as she goes a little wild. When Walter meets Nadia he thinks his numbers have come up as she is beautiful and witty but then he makes the mistake, he gives her a glass of champagne and all hell breaks out, ruined business dinner, damaged car and that is without her possessive ex David (John Larroquette) stalking them and trying to kill Walter.

John Larroquette as David Bedford in Blind Date (1987)

If you have ever seen "Blind Date" there are certain scenes you remember such as when the police are making Walter walk in a straight line to see if he is drunk and in the background is a drunk Nadia toppling over as she tries to do the same. You may also remember the erotic piece of artwork at the gallery which they go to before Walter decides to give Nadia some Champagne. And you might also remember the music, a great scene featuring the talented Stanley Jordan playing a beautiful track on his guitar.

But here is the thing, that is pretty much all you remember because the actual storyline to "Blind Date" is pretty forgettable. The first half is all about the crazy night after Walter gives Nadia some Champagne and they get into one scrape after another leading to Walter's increasing state of madness whilst also dealing with the maniacal David. And then you get the second half which without giving anything away Walter realises he loves Nadia and can't let her get away from him. It's not a great storyline and in a way it is a shame that it ends up weak and derivative because the actual humour be it Nadia ripping men's jackets or David accidentally crashing into one shop after another is funny.

In the end whilst "Blind Date" has some memorable scenes it is the fun of the performances which carries it. Kim Basinger who looked a lot younger than she was at the time is fun when playing it drunk and flirty whilst Bruce Willis in his break out movie shows us what a great comedian he is as Walter becomes increasingly crazy. But for me the star of the movie is John Larroquette as David because not only does he give us comically deranged he gives us snivelling snide as well and every scene he is in is full of laughs.

What this all boils down to is that "Blind Date" is one of those 80s movies which sadly is not as good as I remembered. It is still has a few laughs and features a trio of good performances but the actual storyline is weak and it sadly lets it down.