Blind Trust (2007) starring Jessica Capshaw, Art Hindle, Chad Willett, Robin Wilcock, Carlo Mestroni, Danny Blanco Hall, Tony Calabretta directed by Louis Bolduc Movie Review

Blind Trust (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jessica Capshaw in Blind Trust (2007)


Here we go again with "Blind Trust" another TV movie shot in Canada where a person is accused of a murder they didn't commit and has to prove their innocence because no one believes them. I've lost count of the number of movies both made for TV and big screen which use the innocent man/woman storyline and when it comes to TV movies they are for the most predictable. "Blind Trust" is a tiny bit different as it throws in an outrageous but movie saving twist which stops it from being completely predictable even though stylistically it is as routine as they come.

Cassie Stewart's (Jessica Capshaw) life is good; she enjoys her work as an actuary and is in love with Bobby (Stephan Dubeau). But that all changes when one day Bobby and her flatmate are found murdered with Cassie laying unconscious nearby with the murder weapon in her hand. Famed lawyer L.G. Mennick (Art Hindle - Let Me Call You Sweetheart) decides to take her case but something makes Cassie more than a little suspicious and forces her to go on the run, employing her analytical skills to try and prove her innocence.

Art Hindle in Blind Trust (2007)

Stylistically "Blind Trust" is your general sort of TV movie, shot like so many others with Montréal once again passing for an American city. The camera work is standard as are the characters and what action there is never strays from being standard. Now for some this will be an issue but it is obvious this sort of ordinary styling appeals to those who like the easy going style as it makes it easy to watch rather than becoming demanding of their attention.

But then there is the storyline and it all seems quite typical, a woman accused of murder forced to take matters into her own hands to prove she is not guilty of committing murder. What is good about "Blind Trust" is the twist when it comes to who the killer is as whilst outrageous at least it makes things a little more interesting than you probably anticipate. Oh it certainly does become far fetched when it comes to the big climax but by then the over blown nature has made it entertaining and if you have made it that far you won't mind.

As for the acting well surprisingly enjoyable with both Jessica Capshaw as Cassie and Art Hindle as L.G. Mennick intentionally going over board. Hindle especially delivers some over the top facial acting as lawyer L.G. Mennick which is amusing to say the least. I suppose technically that should be bad as the over the top raised eyebrows doesn't fit into a movie which is trying to be thrilling but at least it is entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Blind Trust" is just another TV movie with a mostly typical storyline which sees a woman accused of a murder setting about proving her innocence. It is nothing special but thanks to an outrageous twist and some over the top acting it is at least entertaining.