Blood Creek (2009) Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Emma Booth, Michael Fassbender Movie Review

Blood Creek (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Henry Cavill in Blood Creek (2009)

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Back before WWII, The Wollners, a German family based in Morgan County, West Virginia, take in the mysterious Professor Richard Wirth after being contacted by the Third Reich. But it seems that Wirth is there on a project involving the occult. 71 years later and Evan Marshall looks after his father whilst unable to let go of the fact his brother Victor has gone, disappeared one day without a trace. So when Victor suddenly shows up out of the blue refusing to answer questions but saying he has escaped his captors Evan loads his rifle and goes with on a mission of revenge.

With many popular names to his belt I have to wonder why Joel Schumacher directed "Blood Creek". Did he read the script and see something more spectacular than the end product is or did he just do it for the money. I am not sure why but "Blood Creek" ends up a messy low budget horror movie which possibly could have ended up exciting with more money thrown at it and a decision not to go earthy with the look. The look is a major drawback for me and rather adding to the movie only ends up being a constant distraction.

Michael Fassbender in Blood Creek (2009)

Now of course there is the story and you could simply say that "Blood Creek" is a battle of survival in a house of horrors movie as we discover what horrors have been going on at The Wollners' home over the years. This comes in a variety of ways from Evan and Victor having to battle what they encounter in the present and hard to decipher flashback scenes as things cause Victor to remember the stuff he suffered whilst there. The thing is that as we understand the horrors of the Wollners' home it is entertaining but the way it is presented does it no favours what so ever.

What also does "Blood Creek" little to no favours is the acting which is frankly forgettable through out. Henry Cavill is so nondescript as Evan that they could have probably spent less and got an actor who could have made the character more memorable. In fairness everyone is forgettable with the exception of Michael Fassbender who brings some character horror to things in the way he portrays Richard Wirth.

What this all boils down to is that "Blood Creek" didn't do it for me and ended up an inconsistent mess. Maybe that is my fault for expecting more from a Joel Schumacher movie but whilst there seems to be some good ideas in this movie the finished product ended up feeling rushed and drawn out in places.