Blue Juice (1995) starring Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Steven Mackintosh, Ewan McGregor, Peter Gunn, Heathcote Williams, Colette Brown directed by Carl Prechezer Movie Review

Blue Juice (1995)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sean Pertwee and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Blue Juice (1995)

Catching the Cornish Wave

Once a surfing legend J.C. (Sean Pertwee) has turned 30 and the realisation that life can't go on the way it has been has hit him especially as trying to satisfy hot younger girlfriend Chloe (Catherine Zeta-Jones) whilst living the surfer lifestyle are not working. To make things worse three friends from the city, including drug dealer Dean (Ewan McGregor) arrive out of the blue which complicate matters further. Or maybe they will make J.C. realise what it is he truly wants.

I suppose it is understandable, you are a total surfing nut who loves anything to do with the sport and you see "Blue Juice" with its story of a surfer in Cornwall and think great, well Cornwall not great but surfing great. Except there is very little in the way of surfing in "Blue Juice", a lot of talk, some reasonable swells and even some running around with surfboards but not a great deal of actual surfing. I can see why that would disappoint but then "Blue Juice" was never really a surf movie but a movie about a surfer facing up to life after surfing and not just any surfer but a British surfer.

Ewan McGregor in Blue Juice (1995)

As such "Blue Juice" is a lot more British comedy than surfer movie as we have things such as the yokels who run the local radio station or a less than sexy scene involving whipped cream, strawberries and a couple in bed. It is entertaining enough with some amusing scenes such as a cock sock scene as well as J.C.'s attempts to satisfy Chloe both physically and emotionally. But I wouldn't say that "Blue Juice" is a great British comedy the sort which manages to cross the pond and still be funny.

But in truth "Blue Juice" whilst about J.C. growing up and the amusing subplots featuring his friends from London is really all about the actors with Sean Pertwee doing a fun job of playing the aging surfing legend confronted by time when it comes to what he should do next, settle down or carry on despite his body aching more and more. But it is the addition of a youthful and frankly hot Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as a long haired Ewan McGregor as a drug dealer which is the movies big attraction with both the then young actors delivering fun performances.

What this all boils down to us that "Blue Juice" is just a British take on the classic tale of a sportsman facing the end of a career and battling the realism of having to let go of the past. It is fun if you enjoy British comedies but it is definitely not a movie for those who love surfing and the surfing way of life and want to watch surfing.