Boothill Brigade (1937) Johnny Mack Brown, Claire Rochelle, Dick Curtis, Horace Murphy, Frank LaRue Movie Review

Boothill Brigade (1937)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Claire Rochelle and Johnny Mack Brown in Boothill Brigade (1937)

The Bland Brigade

When Lon Cardigan (Johnny Mack Brown) returns home he goes to work for Jeff Reynolds (Frank LaRue) on his ranch as he is close to Jeff's daughter Bobby (Claire Rochelle). What Lon and Bobby don't know is that Jeff has been switching out his ranch hands from the good ole boys to some shady characters who are not afraid to kill as he plans to force the other smaller ranchers off of their property. When the honest Lon discovers what is going on he quits and sides with the smaller ranchers, helping them to stand up to Jeff and his crooked henchmen.

As someone who regular watches the old one hour westerns from the 1930s and 40s I admit I have watched some remarkably dull westerns especially as the same storylines seemed to do the rounds back them. But I have to say that due to it doing nothing in the least bit new "Boothill Brigade" has to be one of the dullest with the crooked rancher trying to evict people off of their land and are good guy trying to stop him from getting his way. It is so typical down to the bad guy's daughter refusing to believe that her father could do such despicable things. To use another word, "Boothill Brigade" is bland and I reckon you could have made this western by editing together clips from other westerns.

What this all boils down to is that "Boothill Brigade" is another old western which in truth has nothing wrong with it except for it failing to do anything new with a familiar storyline. As such it is another western to tick off of a list rather than to be watched for entertainment.