Bound & Babysitting (2015) Tammin Sursok, Travis Van Winkle, Lisa Rinna, Stephen Boss Movie Review

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Bound & Babysitting (2015)

Sursok Likes a Winkle

Maggie (Tammin Sursok - Flicka 2) and Alex (Travis Van Winkle - Christmas Getaway) have never seen eye to eye as whilst Maggie is sensible and career focused Alex is immature and in Maggie's opinion irresponsible. When their best friends Ethan (Stephen Boss - Step Up All In) and Elena (Tiffany Hines - Vows of Deceit) want to get away for a romantic vacation on their own they trick Maggie and Alex in to working together to look after their children for them. Old habits die hard as the two of them constantly wind each other up and disagree when it comes to looking after children but eventually see that not only can they work together but in fact they have some things in common.

I don't remember the last time I watched a made for TV movie and didn't find myself thinking about the other movies it reminded me off and sadly "Bound & Babysitting" did that too. Here with its story of two people who don't get on ending up looking after their friends children together it instantly reminded me of "Raising Waylon". Of course not everyone has watched as many made for TV movies as I have but even then "Bound & Babysitting" is one of those obvious movies because from the minute the bickering Maggie and Alex are tricked in to looking after their friend's children you know or at least can guess where it will end up.

But being obvious is actually not a problem for "Bound & Babysitting" as it gets the vibe just right, when you take in to consideration this is made for the made for TV loving crowd. As such we have Tammin Sursok turning in an enjoyable performance as they hyper organised Maggie whilst Travis Van Winkle delivers the laid back charm and humour of someone who does what they enjoy. But there are plenty of enjoyable supporting performances with the familiar faces of Lisa Rinna and Curtis Armstrong showing up. And it is one of those movies where how much you enjoy the characters and the cast is more important than what actually happens.

What this all boils down to is that "Bound & Babysitting" is an entertaining and pleasant distraction for those who enjoy the easy to watch nature of made for TV movies. But as is almost always the case this is predictable and even familiar with it featuring scenes used in other movies such as the parents not enjoying their holiday as they worry about things back home.