Breach of Trust (1999) starring Roma Downey, William Russ, Jamie Rose, Jed Millar, Kristina Malota, Penny Johnson directed by Larry Peerce Movie Review

Breach of Trust (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Roma Downey in Breach of Trust (1999)

Secrets Don't Die

Cassie Whitman (Roma Downey - Borrowed Hearts) thought her 20 year marriage to Mark (William Russ - Trail of Tears) was solid, that was until she learned a dark secret. When a plane which Mark was on goes down Cassie discovers that he was listed on the plane as travelling with Mrs. Whitman and whilst the other woman doesn't survive Mark does. But that is not the end of it as Cassie learns that Mark has a daughter Erica (Kristina Malota) with the other woman who now needs a home.

Let me say right away that synopsis for "Breach of Trust" does not tell the full story as there is a further twist to come. And that twist clarified something in my mind; if "Breach of Trust" had the name Danielle Steel in front of it it would not have looked out of place. It has drama, betrayal, infidelity, good looking people, bedroom scenes and everything else which would fit right at home in a Danielle Steel movie including soft lighting and over acting.

Kristina Malota in Breach of Trust (1999)

Having said all that "Breach of Trust" does have a relatively good storyline although not an original one. The whole idea of an affair coming to the surface following a death and the revelation of a child with a lover has been done before but it has the potential for some drama. Plus the further twist whilst not necessary adds another layer of storyline to keep you involved in what has become a messy situation for Cassie.

The trouble is that everything about "Breach of Trust" is forced, the opening which sees Cassie and Mark celebrating 20 years of marriage forces the romantic tone with hideous soft lighting. Then when Cassie hears that his plane has crashed the swell of music combined with Cassie's emotional reaction is ridiculously over the top. And so it goes on with more unsubtle music and over dramatics to the point that as I said it wouldn't have been out of place if this had been a Danielle Steel movie. As such whilst I like both Roma Downey and William Russ their performances in "Breach of Trust" are just too much and are part of the reason why it feels forced.

What this all boils down to is that "Breach of Trust" has a very specific audience and to me that is the sort of person who enjoys the convoluted drama of a Danielle Steel movie as it has a very similar style. For me it was all too much, too much over the top acting and forced drama causing it to become annoying.