Broadcast News (1987) starring William Hurt, Albert Brooks, Holly Hunter, Robert Prosky directed by James L. Brooks Movie Review

Broadcast News (1987)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Holly Hunter in Broadcast News (1987)

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Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) is a producer on the network news but is a demanding job and she is highly strung. The total opposite of her is anchorman Tom Grunick (William Hurt) a former sports anchor who has been hired to read the news because of his looks and charm, something which frustrates the life out of Jane who dislikes the fact that he is a fake on air despite actually having a thing for him. But to make matters more complicated there is news reporter Aaron Altman (Brooks) who is good at his job but doesn't have the charisma of Tom and has a secret thing for Jane.

How do people speak in your world? Do they say things like I don't find love because I am boring or do they make some wise philosophical comment on love and dullness and how things would be better if the dull people got the girl. This is a problem I frequently have with movies which print critics love because the writers seem to be writing not for the masses but for those who talk on a deeper, intellectual level. It is a problem which I have with "Broadcast News" as well because far too often I found myself thinking "do people really speak like that?". Oh I am sure for some the dialogue is witty, smart and insightful but for me it just didn't ring true.

William Hurt in Broadcast News (1987)

The dialogue is not the only issue I have with "Broadcast News" as I have read how it is an extremely accurate representation of what it is like in a newsroom with the energy and flow. But again here I find myself at odds because whilst there is a certain amount of entertainment to be had by this for those who have never seen the inside of a newsroom some of the movies appeal is lost as it becomes tedious in the recreation of it. It is a case of not welcoming me in and making me feel part of what is happening, keeping me at arms length the entire time.

But here is what "Broadcast News" has going for it; and it is quite simply Holly Hunter who brings to life the character of Jane so every ounce of her performance is enjoyable be it being stressed out to dealing with her conflicted feelings. And Hunter is so full of energy from start to finish that she grabs your attention even when the other parts of the movie drive you to distraction.

What this all boils down to is that in truth I can understand why there are those who really like "Broadcast News" but for me it didn't work and was again one of those movies which doesn't allow me in to the world it is showing.