Charlie & Boots (2009) Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson, Morgan Griffin, Roy Billing Movie Review

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Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson in Charlie & Boots (2009)

Hogan's Aussie Road Trip

After his mother passes away Boots (Shane Jacobson) becomes concerned for his father Charlie (Paul Hogan) as he has taken to living in a dark room and not leaving the house. Despite things being a little tense between them Boots spontaneously decides they are going fishing, not local fishing but are going to the Northern tip of Australia to fish like Charlie had once promised him when he was just a boy. It is an eventful road trip but also one which brings Charlie & Boots closer together as they see the sights of Australia and get into a bit of trouble.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that "Charlie & Boots" is a great movie, for one thing it goes on too long despite only being 101 minutes, but I am going to say that it will put a huge smile on your face. That smile comes from what you could say is typical humour, a father and grown up son hit the road for a spontaneous road trip and along the way wind each other up. That is not the only thing which is typical about "Charlie & Boots" as there are various road incidents, some mischief making and of course bonding. But this little Australian movie is so full of charm and humour that even though a lot of it is predictable and typical it still makes you smile.

Morgan Griffin in Charlie & Boots (2009)

What makes "Charlie & Boots entertaining is that does of Australian humour, so when the car breaks down Charlie basically calls Boot a dick for not bringing his tools, when they get caught speeding whilst being towed they can't stop laughing at the cop. That Australian humour also extends to the relationship between father and son as they wind each other and get each other back for pranks. When they find themselves at a Rodeo Charlie signs Boots up to ride a bull, so Boots gets revenge by forcing his dad to have a massage.

I have to say that it is also the chemistry between Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson which makes the movie as they are such a likeable double act. Plus there is Morgan Griffith who is wonderful as a hitchhiker who they end up taking to Tamworth and the musical payoff to her character is simply beautiful. Roy Billing is just as good as Roly, the gas station owner slash pilot who ends up taking them up in his small plane, delivering more typical laid back, dead pan humour.

My only real criticism of "Charlie & Boots" is that whilst not a long movie it still feels like it goes on too long. It's a case that it almost becomes a tourism piece as Charlie & Boots stop off at so many places and whilst each place ends up having a pay off, be it when they stop for strawberries or when they end up at a rodeo I just feel some of them could have been dropped.

What this all boils down to is that "Charlie & Boots" is basically an Australian road trip movie where a father and son bond as they head North. It is typical but also a lot of fun and I guarantee there will be something which brings a smile to your face be it the limericks they tell each other or the way that Charlie & Boots wind each other up.