Charlie & Me (2008) Jordy Benattar, Tom Bosley, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Daniel Fleming, Hannah Fleming, James Gallanders, Barclay Hope Movie Review

Charlie & Me (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jordy Benattar and Tom Bosley in Charlie & Me (2008)

Two Hearts

Casey (Jordy Benattar - A Very Married Christmas) was just four years-old when she was in a car accident which killed her mother and ever since her father, Jeffrey Baker (James Gallanders), has thrown himself in to work, which means business trips abroad all the time. It means that Casey spends most of her time with her grandfather, Charlie (Tom Bosley - Hidden Places), and she is with him when he is rushed in to hospital following a major heart attack. With news that Charlie's heart has been majorly damaged it forces the three of them to assess their current situation whilst Charlie has a few things he wants to do before it becomes too late.

Let me start by saying that "Charlie & Me" works as there is some thing quite beautiful about the way Jordy Benattar and Tom Bosley work together. On one hand you have Tom Bosley delivering the caring attitude of a loving grandpa who dotes on his granddaughter, is wise to the world and believes you should make the most of life. And on the other hand you have Jordy Benattar delivering the smartness of a young girl who has learned to cope on her own, often using her smart mouth and childhood logic to get her way. As such whilst there are nice performances else where it is very much the chemistry which Jordy Benattar and Tom Bosley have which makes "Charlie & Me" both entertaining and touching from start to finish.

Tom Bosley in Charlie & Me (2008)

But of course "Charlie & Me" is more than just Jordy Benattar and Tom Bosley and this is one of those dramas about people dealing with the changes life throws at us, illness and the wisdom to get the most out of life. As such whilst we have the beauty of Jordy Benattar and Tom Bosley together with Charlie teaching Casey many life lessons we also get to see Jeffrey finding himself having to face up to being a dad and that having thrown himself in to work he can no longer ignore that he is missing out on a relationship with not just his daughter but other people who don't move in his work circle. None of which is either heavy or complex, just touching and charming; making "Charlie & Me" pleasant viewing for those appreciative of this sort of good natured entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Charlie & Me" is a charming family drama, one of those movies which is full of life lessons with Tom Bosley delivering a beautiful yet measured performance as a caring grandpa full of good advice. As for that good advice, those life lessons; well they range from being counted upon to looking for the blessing in what ever situation you find yourself in and savouring the happy memories. All of which makes "Charlie & Me" a beautiful movie in its own right.