Chilly Christmas (2012) (aka: A Christmas Tail) starring Tom Arnold, C. Thomas Howell, Bryson Sams Movie Review

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Bryson Sams in Chilly Christmas (2012) (aka: A Christmas Tail)

A Canine Christmas

Bobby's (Bryson Sams) best friend is Chilly Christmas, the dog which his dad Patrick (C. Thomas Howell - The Pledge) bought him one Christmas which Bobby names such because he has a cold tongue. Despite his mother dying when he was younger Bobby is a normal kid and he gets on well with his dad with both loving Chilly despite being an absolute nightmare as no matter how much Patrick cleans up Chilly makes a mess. But Patrick is a policeman and is offered a promotion to New York which means they are going to have to give Chilly away as they will only have a small apartment in the city. But before they leave Patrick finds himself with one more case which involves some dog-nappers who work for the evil Quarterman (Tom Arnold - Beethoven's Christmas Adventure) and it is a case which ends up drawing in Chilly and Bobby.

I am so glad I don't live in California as seeing a house decorated for Christmas whilst people are outside sunbathing on the beach doesn't feel right as for me Christmas means cold and hopefully snow, something which has been lacking in Britain for the last few years. Sorry got sidetracked, the Californian Christmas is actually a minor issue for me when it comes to "Chilly Christmas", also known as "A Christmas Tail", as watching a Christmas movie where there are no scenes of wintry splendour just feels wrong to me. But despite that "Chilly Christmas" actually works for its intended audience even though it lacks originality for adults.

The reason it works is because it is a text book dog movie as we start off with some humour about canine chaos as Chilly knocks over a Christmas tree and coats the kitchen with sand after a run on the beach and then we get canine cleverness as Chilly lets himself in, switches on the TV and runs himself a bath. Of course there is a scene where Chilly comes to the aid of Bobby when he intimidates some comic book school bullies on the bus which eventually paves the way for the inept dog snatchers and of course Chilly turning crime solving canine. As I said "Chilly Christmas" is unoriginal but simplistic fun for its intended young audience.

What this all boils down to is that "Chilly Christmas" whilst not the sort of Christmas movie I like is actually a good movie for its intended youthful audience and delivers plenty of canine humour for those young enough not to have seen it all before in other dog movies.

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