Christie's Revenge (2007) Cynthia Gibb, Dani Kind, John Wesley Shipp, Anastasia Phillips, Annie Bovaird, James McGowan, Tyrone Benskin Movie Review

Christie's Revenge (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dani Kind in Christie's Revenge (2007)

Naughty or Niece

Christie (Dani Kind - Like Mother, Like Daughter) was only 16 years old when she found her father dead, apparently from a self inflicted gunshot wound. But ever since then she has secretly blamed her uncle Ray (John Wesley Shipp - Second to Die) for her father's death as he refused to provide her father with the financial help he was desperate for. Now having fine tuned her plans over the last few years she arranges to attend a college nearby to where Ray and his wife, Miranda (Cynthia Gibb - Demons from Her Past), as well as their daughter, Haley (Annie Bovaird), live, in fact they invite her to stay with them whilst she attends college. They have no idea what sort of trouble they have welcomed in to their home.

So we have a niece hell bent on revenge, holding her doctor uncle responsible for her father's suicide and to do so she enlists the help of someone she met online to mess with him professionally, yes we have a bit of a honey trap going on. Unfortunately "Christie's Revenge" is as obvious as it sounds and ends up one of those movies which fails to come up with anything surprising when it comes to how the story plays out, right down to the importance of Haley having seen Christie sneaking around the house.

But the obvious nature of "Christie's Revenge" is not what you are likely to remember about this made for TV movie. Nope, what you are likely to remember is the combination of heavy handed uses of suspenseful music, which really needed to be toned down, and also some less the subtle acting with the majority of the cast responsible for over acting.

What this all boils down to is that "Christie's Revenge" ends up one of those made for TV movies which struggles to deal with being less than subtle and heavy handed when it comes to the style, which for me made it a struggle to stay interested in.