Christmas In Evergreen (2017) Movie Review

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Christmas In Evergreen (2017)

A Different Evergreen Christmas

Allie Shaw (Ashley Williams - Christmas in the City) is the veterinarian in her hometown of Evergreen, Vermont but has taken the decision to go to the city for Christmas to be with her boyfriend, Spencer (Marcus Rosner), as they realised that for them long distance doesn't work and she wants to see if there is still anything there. But there are many in Evergreen who don't want Allie to leave, especially her mum (Barbara Niven - A Christmas Detour), and even her pickup truck seems set on not letting her go as it plays up. It is because of problems with the truck that she meets Dr. Ryan Bellamy (Teddy Sears - Backyard Wedding), a widow, who with his 8 year old daughter Zoe (Jaeda Lily Miller - Firehouse Christmas) has stopped off in Evergreen on their way to the airport to fly to Florida for Christmas. When Zoe wishes on a magic Christmas snow globe to stay in Evergreen for Christmas a sudden snow storm means that Allie is unable to fly out and Ray and Zoe are stuck in Evergreen which leads to the three of them spending Christmas In Evergreen together.

There are some Hallmark Christmas movies which are about the emotional depth and mystery of a story and then there are others which are just about delivering that Christmas vibe, the look and magic of the season. This is most certainly the case with "Christmas In Evergreen" as this is a movie with little in the way of depth but plenty of romantic fun and that Hallmark Christmas vibe. As such there is almost something cliche about "Christmas In Evergreen" as we have the young woman ending up falling for a widow and his daughter despite having a boyfriend who is not only career focussed but all about social climbing. As such you know what you are going to get when it comes to how "Christmas In Evergreen" is going to play out.

But as I said "Christmas In Evergreen" is all about the vibe, about the wholesome beauty of a Hallmark Christmas movie where you have a beautifully decorated small town steeped in Christmas traditions and festivities. And yes everything in "Christmas In Evergreen" is absolutely beautiful with the sort of decorated homes and streets which make you wish you had the time, money and talent to do the same. On top of that "Christmas In Evergreen" stars Ashley Williams who you could say embodies the wholesome charm and beauty of Hallmark movie as her smile radiates such warmth and she has that bubbly, the glass is half full spirit which is what you want in these movies. Yes the rest of the cast is good but because this is all about the Christmas vibe it is Ashley Williams who makes the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas In Evergreen" is a crowd pleaser if that crowd are fans of the wholesome, easy to watch nature of a Hallmark Christmas movie. And this one is overflowing in everything which you expect from Hallmark Christmas movies with lots of beautiful decorations, Christmas festivities and Ashley Williams.

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