Christmas Caper (2007) Movie Review

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Shannen Doherty in Christmas Caper (2007)

Doherty's Christmas Grinch

Cate Dove (Shannen Doherty - All I Want for Christmas) is a small time thief who finds herself needing to lay low for a while after her latest burglary goes wrong and her picture is plastered all over the news. So when her sister and brother-in-law calls as their flight home from is delayed due to a tropical storm and are in desperate need of someone to head to Comfort, Connecticut to look after their children she sees it as a chance to get out of town. But whilst Cate can't help but see every thing as an opportunity to be on the make she finds that spending time back home with her nephew and niece changing her, well them and her ex who is now the town's sheriff.

"Christmas Caper" is one of those really simple Christmas movies to explain, we have Cate who is a classic Grinch, she doesn't do Christmas, doesn't do family, doesn't do this, that and the other unless it is being snarky and enjoying other people's misery. But of course spending time back home, being with her nephew and niece as well as her ex starts to rub off on her and she finds herself suddenly enjoying all the things she didn't like. I've got to be honest that whilst "Christmas Caper" is inoffensive fun for the family the familiarity of the set up of the grinch who has a change of heart makes it a movie which doesn't completely grab you.

Ty Olsson in Christmas Caper (2007)

Because of that familiarity "Christmas Caper" ends up a movie which is extremely reliant on Shannen Doherty and the audience's fondness for her to keep you entertained. Sadly the character of Cate is so under written and routine that Doherty's appeal is not enough to make this really grab you. Even the addition of Ty Olsson and Stefanie von Pfetten doesn't add enough extra appeal to give "Christmas Caper" that spark to make it come to life and grab you.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Caper" is a cute Christmas movie but one which is ultimately very familiar and as such ends up one of those family Christmas movies which might entertain those who are only causal fans of Christmas movies especially if they are fans of Shannen Doherty.

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