Christmas Do-Over (2006) Movie Review

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Jay Mohr in Christmas Do-Over (2006)

Christmas Deja Vu

Kevin (Jay Mohr - A Christmas Wedding Tail) never really got on with his wife, Jill's (Daphne Zuniga - On Strike for Christmas), parent and since they got divorced they are even less friendly especially as Jill has started dating the handsome Todd (David Millbern - An Accidental Christmas). But Kevin finds himself spending an awkward Christmas with Jill, Todd and her parents when he pops by on Christmas Eve to drop off a present for his son but before he can leave a boulder blocks the only road out of the area. To make matters worse is that his son wishes that it could be Christmas every day and suddenly Kevin finds himself in a Christmas nightmare as he is forced to relive the excruciating day again and again.

"Groundhog Day" knock off, would be an incredibly lazy review of "Christmas Do-Over" but it does get to the point pretty quickly as that what we have as Kevin has to live a less than perfect Christmas day again and again. As such reliving the day over and over again drives him mad and then he tries to have some fun with it from belching a carol to attacking an annoying Santa which causes chaos at a family pageant. And I could go on as whilst there is certainly some daft creativity to "Christmas Do-Over" and what Kevin encounters it does follow a familiar path of Kevin going on a journey by living the same day again and again.

Daphne Zuniga in Christmas Do-Over (2006)

But what "Christmas Do-Over" is really all about is Jay Mohr as Kevin who is very much a man child who misbehaves basically from start to finish from belching a carol to playing pranks and so on. And to be honest Jay Mohr delivers plenty of entertainment especially as he starts to use his "Groundhog Day" experience to get one over on various people, especially Todd.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Do-Over" is actually a lot more fun than I expected although it is on the dumber side of things with a lot of pranks and just a little bit of soul searching when it comes to the central character learning from his experiences.

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