Christmas for a Dollar (2013) (aka: A Christmas Wish) starring Brian Krause, Nancy Stafford, Danielle Chuchran, Heather Beers directed by John Lyde Movie Review

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Danielle Chuchran aka Christmas for a Dollar (2013) (aka: A Christmas Wish)

Christmas Depression

Like for many in the midst of the Depression times are tough for the Kamp family especially for Verna (Danielle Chuchran) as ever since her mother's death has had to play mother to her brothers and sisters. To add to the issues is young Norman's (Jacob Buster) medical problems as he had polio and requires a leg brace. It means that it is unlikely they are going to get the Christmas the children deserve but Mr. Kamp (Brian Krause) has saved up some pennies which he gives the children in order to buy each others gifts. The question is do they really need money to buy the gifts each other wants.

I feel cruel because part of me wants to really love "Christmas for a Dollar" as it is a movie with a good message but unfortunately the production left me wanting something more. So I will get the bad out of the way with first and "Christmas for a Dollar" is slow, nothing wrong with slow but combined with scenes of nothingness but dialogue makes it hard work at times. There is also the dialogue and it is a case of it shifting from being believable to well not. It is the same with the acting as it constantly shifts between acceptable and not.

But then you have the good and "Christmas for a Dollar" isn't some throw away Christmas movie as it is a story of kindness, faith, respect, sacrifice and being a family. In a way it is reminiscent of "The Waltons" with these aspects of a family supporting each other in tough times except this is a modern TV movie and so we have some airy music to accompany things which for me isn't that great.

What this all boils down to is that if you enjoy Christmas movies which are about old fashioned values then "Christmas for a Dollar" will be heart warming. But if you prefer more commercial and less sweet Christmas movies it might be one to avoid.

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