Christmas Grace (2013) Ryan-Iver Klann, Tim Kaiser, Rebekah Cook, Ann Filippis Movie Review

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Ryan-Iver Klann in Christmas Grace (2013)

A Gift of Grace

For toy shop owner Gary (Ryan-Iver Klann) he loves what he does and his customer's love him as he knows them all by name and always has time to chat with them. But Gary finds his little business in trouble by the arrival a big toy shop owned by Jim Tollman (Tim Kaiser) who feels the need to dominate and eliminate the competition by any means necessary. But as a man of faith Gary believes that God has a plan for him even if when things go bad it doesn't sometimes feel that way and maybe that plan involves working a miracle in the life of Jim Tollman as well.

"Christmas Grace" is what some call a Christian movie others go more PC by labelling it faith based, which ever one thing I will say is that this is the sort of movie where you need to be a Christian to appreciate it. The reason I say this is that sadly "Christmas Grace" has all those little things which are sadly typical of the Christian movie genre be it an obvious low budget feel, awkward acting, over simplistic scripting and much more which all contribute to a lack of subtlety. For those not use to this and who are not Christians will possibly find the budget issues and styling off putting.

But those who are Christians and are use to the low budget aspects what will shine through is of course the message of the movie as we have God has a plan for us and he works through us in ways we may not expect. And to honest the message put across in "Christmas Grace" is a good one and I can see how it would appeal to a Christian audience especially those who are tired of the constant flow of commercial Christmas movies which get made year in year out.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Grace" is a charming movie because of the message it puts across which will certainly appeal to the audience it is looking to entertain. But for those who are not in to the Christian movie thing may find the production, acting and writing an issues.

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