Christmas in Boston (2005) Marla Sokoloff, Patrick J. Adams, Lindy Booth, Jonathan Cherry Movie Review

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Patrick J. Adams and Marla Sokoloff in Christmas in Boston (2005)

Confusion at Christmas

Ever since school Gina (Marla Sokoloff) and Seth (Patrick J. Adams) have been writing to each other as pen pals, being there for each other through good times and bad having agreed to never be anything more than pen pals in fear of ruining their friendship. But now grown up they find their careers bringing them together as Gina, a reporter, will be covering a conference which Seth, who works for a toy company, will be attending. But to complicate matters Gina and Seth have not been totally honest with each other as each have been using photos of their friends Ellen (Lindy Booth) and Matt (Jonathan Cherry), passing them off as themselves. And it seems like they both have the same idea when they arrange for Ellen and Matt to meet but under their names. When Ellen and Matt hit it off things get even messier especially when Gina thinks Ellen has fallen for her Seth whilst Seth thinks Matt is dating his Gina.

I will stop the synopsis for "Christmas in Boston" there but I am sure you can guess that there will be a happy ever after ending especially as this is not only a Christmas movie but also an ABC family movie. There is nothing wrong with that and "Christmas in Boston" is Christmas cute with a pleasant cast, some easy humour and of course some sweet romance. But in truth "Christmas in Boston" is nothing more than average, a chirpy little made for TV Christmas movie.

Now I left something out in that synopsis and it is the classic bit where Gina and Seth actually meet but only one of them knows the truth and like a fool decides to keep it to themselves. It adds another layer to the confusion comedy which is going on but again adding nothing special as it is just another plot device which is typical for this type of movie. In truth I am trying to find something which is special about "Christmas in Boston" to comment on and in truth I can't find a single thing yet at the same time I can't find anything terribly wrong when you take in to account that it is a made for Christmas TV movie and as such has the pleasant looking cast delivering cute scenes.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas in Boston" is just an easy to watch Christmas confusion rom-com which has no surprises and a reasonably charming cast. Again this makes "Christmas in Boston" one of those Christmas movies which are worth watching if you see it on the TV schedule but not one you will find any burning desire to go out of your way to watch again until Christmas comes around again next near.

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