Christmas Ranch (2016) Francine Locke, Ken Arnold, Taylor Lyons, Stefannie Smith Movie Review

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Taylor Lyons in Christmas Ranch (2016)

Redemption on Christmas Ranch

With her parents going away on business for Christmas, rebellious teen Lizzy Evans (Taylor Lyons) is sent to stay with her grandma, Mary (Francine Locke), to spend Christmas on her horse ranch. Despite being less than happy about it as well as being a typically stroppy teen Lizzy soon warms to being on the ranch especially as her grandma asks her to take care of a horse. But it is clear that the horse ranch business is not going well and along with her new friend James (Allen Williamson) they set out to save the ranch with Lizzy setting out to train a horse to show jump.

The most surprising thing about "Christmas Ranch" is that this movie got made. I am not being mean but this storyline of a troublesome girl going to a struggling horse ranch and setting out to save the place from going under is about as cliche as they come. In fact having watched quite a few horse movies I am struggling to think of the last time I watched one which stuck so tightly to a basic storyline with little in the way of variety or deviations from the path most often trodden by other horse movies.

Now the thing is that "Christmas Ranch" is clearly a movie made for a younger audience as it has a wholesome message running alongside this simple storyline. On top of that this simple storyline is not going to entertain those who watch this movie because they love horse movies as much as someone who hasn't watched many, if any, again children. And the production also has a slightly budget feel which might distract some but I doubt it will bother younger audiences. It simply is a basic horse movie for those who haven't watched many.

What this all boils down to is that I hate to say this but "Christmas Ranch" didn't entertain me as much as I would have hoped and found it all a bit too basic and predictable. But if you have a child who loves horses then maybe this simplistic, wholesome horse movie will entertain them more.

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