Christmas Snow (1986) Katherine Helmond, Sid Caesar, Melissa Joan Hart, Kimble Joyner Movie Review

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Melissa Joan Hart in Christmas Snow (1986)

Christmas Candy

The widow Mutterance (Katherine Helmond - A Grandpa for Christmas) runs the family Candy shop, which has been in her family for years, and lives in the back room with her two adopted children, Amy (Melissa Joan Hart - A Very Merry Toy Store) and Wallace (Kimble Joyner). But times are tight despite it coming up to Christmas and the landlord, Mr. Snyder (Sid Caesar - Love Is Never Silent), has decided that at the end of the year Mrs. Mutterance will have to either shut up shop or find some where else as he wants to turn the shop into a launderette. But on Christmas Eve, when it snows for the first time in 25 years, Mr. Snyder goes missing and whilst for Amy and Wallace it means their problems have disappeared Mrs. Mutterance insists they search the streets to try and find him.

What can I say about "Christmas Snow"? Well if you yearn for some old fashioned, wholesome entertainment but don't have time for a full movie then track down a copy of this made for TV Christmas movie as it comes in just under the 50 minute mark. But if wholesome old fashioned entertainment with cute kids, including a young Melissa Joan Hart, doesn't sound your sort of thing then give "Christmas Snow" a wide berth as with its sweet, innocent and cutesy acting, as well as a corny happy ever after ending it is likely going to grate.

Katherine Helmond in Christmas Snow (1986)

The thing about "Christmas Snow" is that it doesn't need a great deal of explaining, the ever so nice Widow Mutterance's business is threatened when Mr. Snyder wants to lease the room to a laundrette franchise. Whilst Widow Mutterance is optimistic things will work out the kids of course are not grown up enough so when Mr. Snyder disappears they think their problems will have vanished with him. I won't go in to anymore detail other than to say some lessons are learned, some friendships are made all in time to sit down to a Christmas dinner.

As I said "Christmas Snow" is corny but also charming in a wholesome, old fashioned way, that goes from the look with a Candy shop dressed for Christmas and snow covering the streets to the general innocence of all the characters. And whilst the stars of "Christmas Snow" are technically Katherine Helmond and Sid Caesar it is Melissa Joan Hart's adorable performance as little Amy which entertains.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Snow" is just some old fashioned, wholesome Christmas entertainment for those looking for a shot of nostalgic fun.

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