Christmas with a Prince (2018) Movie Review

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Kaitlyn Leeb in Christmas with a Prince (2018)

A Royal Patient

Dr. Tasha Miller (Kaitlyn Leeb) loves her job as a pediatric specialist and she is extremely protective of every child who is under her care at the hospital where she works, kowing that they need love, rest and little outside interference. It is why when the handsome Prince Alexander Cavalieri (Nick Hounslow), a friend of her her brother's, breaks a leg in a skiing accident on some nearby slopes she is reluctant to let him recover on her ward, in secret. But as Tasha is forced to spend time with Prince Alexander her opinion of the handsome royal softens and even begins to wonder whether he will be the answer to her prayers when it comes to the children and maybe more.

"Christmas with a Prince" is the second movie I have watched this Christmas which was directed by Justin G. Dyck and it seems that Justin has a style when it comes to Christmas movies. What is that style? Well it is an intentionally forced style which as a grown up comes acrossed as dumbed down. But see that style, that falsness and forced element when it comes to everything from the storyline and characters to the humour is, in my opinion, aimed at a young teenage audience who will enjoy the daftness more than grown ups probably will.

Nick Hounslow in Christmas with a Prince (2018)

But beyond that style what we have in "Christmas with a Prince" is a mix of the familiar as we have Tasha, who has history with Alexander, warming to him despite finding him impossibly good looking and annoying to start with. She discovers the pressure he is under being next in line to the throne and so on. I really don't think there is a great deal of need to go in to how "Christmas with a Prince" plays out with some ups and downs as it is mostly there as background for some humour and romance, although there are a few touching scenes which litter this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas with a Prince" ends up a pleasant movie which is mainly aimed at young teens but has a side to it which every now and then will grab your attention as it delivers some touching scenes.

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