Christmas with the Karountzoses (2015) (aka: Christmas with the Krazies) Robert Krantz, Nicole Laino, Angelo Tsarouchas, Jon Alexi, George Kosturos Movie Review

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Christmas with the Karountzoses (2015) (aka: Christmas with the Krazies)

A Big Fat Greek Christmas

Michael Karountzoses (Robert Krantz) said when he got married that he would be a good father when they had children. But with a family Michael had to be the provider and as each year which passes he has become more focused on work which after 18 years he believes is going to pay off as he believes he is getting a promotion. Unfortunately the promotion call doesn't come and to make matters worse it is Christmas Eve and his wife has invited all their family and friends around. It is going to be a long night for the despondent Michael but maybe tonight will be the making of Michael.

So take some "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" add some "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and what you end up with, well rather sadly not the hilarious movie that it might have turned out. But the intention is there with "Christmas with the Karountzoses" as in we have a house full of diverse people, okay stereotypes as we have the traditional Greek grandparents to the comedy Uncle as well as some who are not Greek at all. We also have Michael getting a reminder as to how important family are and that he got a job so he could provide for his family rather than to get promotions and become a company man.

The trouble is that "Christmas with the Karountzoses" has that distinct feel of a small production where friends and family came together to put together a script a friend had wrote. As such what you end up with is some poor acting, some poor writing and some jokes which really fall painfully flat which when you put all together there are times when this movie is simply painful.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas with the Karountzoses" is not a complicated movie in fact it pretty much writes itself with a family get together and a workaholic father who gets a reminder of what is important. But let me just say that in all areas this movie lacks the level of production which would make it memorably good rather than for being forgettable.

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