Christmas with Tucker (2013) starring James Brolin, Gage Munroe, Josie Bissett, Barbara Gordon directed by Larry A. McLean Movie Review

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Christmas with Tucker (2013) starring James Brolin, Gage Munroe, Josie Bissett, Barbara Gordon

Tucker's Christmas Luck

When his father died in a tractor accident George's (Gage Munroe) mother couldn't cope and so moved away to Minnesota to deal with her grief. 13 year old George stayed behind with his grand parents Bo (James Brolin) and Cora (Barbara Gordon) to keep the farm running. He also finds himself looking after Tucker the neighbour's dog who has been put in jail after being caught drink driving again. With Christmas coming it is going to be one to remember as George does plenty of growing up as he learns to look after the dog and take care of the farm whilst getting over his grief.

Hallmark, yes "Christmas with Tucker" is a Hallmark movie and a Christmas one at that which means this is a movie which is heavy in sentiment. But before I get to that what we have is a very simple and familiar coming of age story as a young boy learns some life lessons in the wake of his father's death. We get the bond which forms with a dog who seems to understand him, the responsibility of keeping the farm running in the snow, the heart break of having to hand a dog back and plenty more which I won't go in to because heck you need some reason to watch. But as I said it is for the most familiar and so you will be able to see where things are going quite early on.

But the trouble is that "Christmas with Tucker" quite literally is burdened with far too much sentiment and one scene after another ends up coming across as forced because of the emotional dialogue and intrusive soundtrack. The thing is that the ingredients are right to make a truly memorable Christmas movie but the measurements are all wrong and it ends up spoiling the end product. It may be because of this overload of sentiment that the performances ended up being a disappointment as they come across as forced.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas with Tucker" ended up being a disappointment because despite the basic storyline being good the final product just doesn't work and is overly sentimental.

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