Co-ed Call Girl (1996) Tori Spelling, Susan Blakely, Scott Plank, Carmen Argenziano, Jeri Ryan Movie Review

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Tori Spelling in Co-ed Call Girl (1996)

Confessions of a Co-ed Call Girl

With her dad having died when she was young, Joanna Halbert (Tori Spelling) has been raised by her mum on working hard for what you want. It is why at college her friends tease her for being shy and book-ish and is why as joke register her interest with an escort agency just up the Malibu coastline. When she gets a call from Kimberly (Jeri Ryan) at the escort agency curiosity gets the better of her and after spending time with Kimberly and charming business owner Ron (Scott Plank) she goes out on a date with one of his clients, finding herself getting paid hundreds for doing so. Soon Joanna is leading a secret double life as a call girl as the money and glamour appeals to her. But when she decides she has had enough and feels exploited by Ron who starts pressing her to sleep with clients she finds getting out is a lot harder than getting in was.

"Co-ed Call Girl" is another one of those college fear movies which a parent back in the 90s might have watched and then worried that their innocent child might get mixed up in something similar. The thing is that "Co-ed Call Girl", like so many of these fear based TV movies, now comes across as a bit ridiculous and pretty cheesy with lots of flaws which for some reason seem so more apparent when watched all these years later. For example, when Joanna starts splashing the cash no one seems to question her over her sudden wealth.

The thing is that whilst the flaws in "Co-ed Call Girl" and its ridiculous nature stick out like a sore thumb so does its predicable nature. The set up of a girl who having worked hard for everything being tempted by glamour and easy money is a staple of TV movies whilst you know that at some point, and you can guess before the movie has really got going, that when Joanna wants out she will find herself being threatened and so on. The trouble is that it is all so obvious that there isn't really much in the way of surprises when the storyline develops in this obvious way.

As for the acting, well I don't know whether it is a good thing or not but it is all pretty forgettable. In fact there is a chance that some will probably remember "Co-ed Call Girl" more for scenes of both Tori Spelling and Jeri Ryan semi clothed, shot in a teasing manner.

What this all boils down to is that "Co-ed Call Girl" is a routine college fear movie from the 90s which whilst flawed, more so than ever when watched now, is in fact on par with many similar movies. It means that it is now cheesy and ridiculous but also entertaining for being such.