Common Chord (2013) Jason Cermak, Pete Seadon, Ashlin Malik, Douglas MacArthur, Erin Bourke-Henderson, Andrea Jacques Movie Review

Common Chord (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jason Cermak in Common Chord (2013)

For the Love of Teigan

Kyle Foster (Jason Cermak - Eat, Play, Love) has always dreamed of being a recording artist and he has the talent to be one. The trouble is that with a former girlfriend he fathered a daughter, Teigan (Ashlin Malik), and then his ex-girlfriend died. It leads to Kyle finding himself in a custody battle as Teigan's grandfather, Bill Alston (Pete Seadon - Angels Fall), not only wants custody but wants Kyle to clear off and leave Teigan alone. Whilst Kyle thinks he might be able to get Teigan back if he first pursues his career it may not be that simple as the child care authorities have doubts as to whether Bill is healthy enough to be a full time parent which means Teigan may end up in care like Kyle was as a child. Now both men are going to have to confront their desires and issues for the sake of the child they both love.

"Common Chord" is a movie with a situation and it sets about telling us how it got to the point and what is needed to resolve the situation. The situation is what is best for a little child with her father and grandfather at war over custody. The reason why is in their back story with Bill having disapproved of his daughter dating Kyle, especially when she ended up pregnant. And that has caused them both to become bitter; Bill bitter at Kyle over what happened and Kyle bitter at Bill for banning him from seeing his daughter, causing even more tension and ill feeling between them. None of which makes "Common Chord" complicated as clearly the two of them need to put their differences to one side to do what is best for Teigan.

The thing is that whilst "Common Chord" is not overly complicated and doesn't have the big production values of some movies it does have a touching message and plenty of charm. The simplicity, combined with the musical aspect along with Jason Cermak giving Kyle an uncomplicated as well as likeable personality all combine to make "Common Chord" easy to watch even if ultimately it is all a little too predictable.

What this all boils down to is that "Common Chord" is a simple enough movie which you can see where it is heading as soon as it starts. But the wholesome nature combined with likeable characters is enough to make it an enjoyable movie with a touching message.