Cougar Club (2007) starring Jason Jurman, Warren Kole, Joe Mantegna, Kaley Cuoco, Izabella Scorupco directed by Christopher Duddy Movie Review

Cougar Club (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Warren Kole and Faye Dunaway in Cougar Club (2007)

Toothless Cougars

The best thing about "Cougar Club" is the DVD cover, it looks like it is a teen sex comedy, the most shocking thing is a cast which not only features Faye Dunaway and Carrie Fisher amongst the mature women but also features Kaley Cuoco. But the most disappointing thing about "Cougar Club" is that it hasn't got any balls. Here is a movie which aspirations of being "American Pie" like with 2 young men setting up a club for young men to satisfy older women but is not even "American Pie Presents the Book of Love", it is limp, dull, unfunny, unraunchy and basically so tame that you feel like you've been cheated out of 90 minutes of your life once it is over.

Having recently graduated best friends Spence (Jason Jurman) and Hogan (Warren Kole) find themselves jobless when Hogan is caught banging Edith Birnbaum (Faye Dunaway), the wife of their boss. It forces them to take a lesser job with a trio of divorce lawyers who treat the friends like slaves. But it is whilst working for these low life lawyers that they come across an opportunity to set up "Cougar Club" where young men pay a membership to meet and party with older women looking for some young fun.

Kaley Cuoco and Jason Jurman in Cougar Club (2007)

Okay to be really honest I didn't expect a lot from "Cougar Club", it was a direct to DVD movie which obviously was trying to deliver the raunchy fun of "American Pie" but with a different storyline. And to be honest the basic idea, two friends with one of them having a thing for older women, setting up a club for young men to meet older women had potential especially when you think of "American Pie" and Stifler's mum. Unfortunately whilst the basic storyline could work as a vehicle for a funny sex comedy what we get is distinctly unforgettable.

Now part of the trouble is that "Cougar Club" has no balls, there are a couple of moments of nudity but it is all surprisingly tame with most of the humour coming from swearing. In fact for the most we are meant to laugh at how the low life lawyers treat Spence and Hogan, giving them demeaning jobs whilst calling them shit heads. It isn't at all funny and in truth monotonously moronic and you keep asking yourself when is it going to really deliver the outrageous sex comedy you expected.

But the lack of sexual humour is not the only issue because the characters are as dull as everything else with the pairing of Spence and Hogan not being strong enough to carry the movie. Now the thing is that again there is potential, I don't know if it was intentional but Hogan has a bit How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson about him with his love of sex with older women and turn of phrase for describing mature women but Warren Kole doesn't give him the charisma to make him memorable. And the lack of memorability stretches to the various women with it being more shock than anything when you realise that alongside Kaley Cuoco are the likes of Faye Dunaway and Carrie Fisher.

What this all boils down to is that if you have repeatedly seen the cover for "Cougar Club" whilst looking at what movies to buy and wondered, just keep on wondering because the best thing about the movie is the DVD cover. The actual movie is weak and no where near as raunchy as it should be to deliver the laughs you would expect.