Cover Up (1991) starring Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett Jr., Lisa Berkley, John Finn directed by Manny Coto Movie Review

Cover Up (1991)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dolph Lundgren in Cover Up

The Hunt for Black October

I would never say that Dolph Lundgren has ever been a great actor, more that he has appeared in some reasonable movies which suited his character, that of being muscular and an action hero. Unfortunately "Cover Up" is not one of those movies that suit Lundgren; in fact "Cover Up" isn't a movie which would suit anyone because it's all a lot of nonsense, almost laughable nonsense built upon cliche's and contrivances. And sadly it doesn't even get to the point that it's so bad that it becomes good, it's just, well nonsense.

Following a fatal attack on an overseas US naval base, ex-marine and investigative journalist Mike Anderson (Dolph Lundgren - Dark Angel) finds himself despatched to cover the story. But Mike's instincts tell him that the official CIA explanation that a terrorist group known as Black October are behind the attack is a cover up. With just his determination and his marine training Mike sets about discovering the truth behind what is happening and at the same time reacquainting himself with a former lover, Susan (Lisa Berkley) who is now the US Embassy press attachee.

The biggest issue with "Cover Up" is that Dolph Lundgren isn't the right man to play an ex-marine turned journalist, he's an action hero suited to big action roles not those which demand some form of character building acting. As such Lundgren struggles through out as he looks uncomfortable trying to act rather than flex his muscles. And even sadder is that when "Cover Up" gives Lundgren a couple of action moments they are weak and almost comical in their stupidity.

Aside from the miscasting of Lundgren the storyline doesn't help matters because it's dull, there is no other word for it. What we get is a rather lack lustre thriller with Mike finding himself in the midst of a cover up over some stolen nerve gas. I would love to say it's routine stuff but it's not even that good as it floats along with no real oomph until lo and behold a wet kipper of a twist comes along to smack you in the face. Not that you care when it does because you end up switching off mentally long before and it's so contrived that what went on before is pointless.

What is amusing is how director Manny Coto, who has since worked on the likes of "24" and "Star Trek: Enterprise", resorts to a lot of what I would call cheap tricks. About 20 minutes in we get a shot of Dolph Lundgren's muscular frame in just a bath towel and then during the second half there is one of the cheesiest shower sex scenes I've ever witnessed full of grunting and moody blue lighting. It just makes "Cover Up" feel cheap as does a car chase scene which I swear has been sped up in the editing room to try and make it more exciting, it doesn't succeed.

Aside from Dolph Lundgren it has to be said that the only other star is Louis Gossett Jr. as CIA man Lou Jackson and to be honest he is so under used it makes me wonder why he signed on to appear. And then there is Lisa Berkley as Susan a character who should be important to the storyline but ends up being unimportant and seems to have been thrown in for some sexiness.

What this all boils down to is that "Cover Up" is, well it's not a terrible movie but it's not even average either. Between the dull, contrived and ultimately pointless storyline, the miscasting of Dolph Lundgren and the lack of action there is nothing which makes it anywhere near enjoyable. Even the shower sex scene and the couple of action sequences end up cheesy making "Cover Up" a movie better avoided.