Cradles for Cash (2019) (aka: Maternal Instinct) Adrienne Frantz, Christy Carlson Romano, Kacy Owens, Aubrey Goldstein, Scott Bailey Movie Review

Cradles for Cash (2019)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Adrienne Frantz in Cradles for Cash (2019) (aka: Maternal Instinct)

No One Steals Baby

Kelly Ryan (Adrienne Frantz - The Perfect Girlfriend) may not have gone to med school like the doctors she works alongside but as a nurse she has hands on experience and is an expert nurse who knows how to handle difficult births. Fortunately she has a good team of nurses around her as when she suddenly goes in to labour, having just helped another mother give birth, it is her colleagues who help her to give birth. And it is a wonderful day for Kelly and her husband, Jonathan (Scott Bailey - Bad Twin) as they have a little daughter. But when their new born is stolen Kelly ends up joining with another mother who lost a baby to try and break an illegal baby trafficking ring.

Let me start with the thing which is immediately going to hit you if you choose to watch "Cradles for Cash", which is also known as "Maternal Instinct", and that is the bad acting. Now I don't like to use the phrase "bad acting" but from bad accents to bad delivery of lines it comes across as incredibly fake. It makes "Cradles for Cash" one of those movies which you try to watch but every mid sentence pause, every overly dramatic delivery, every fake tear makes it hard work especially as so much of the dialogue is terrible.

To be honest I don't think the actual storyline to "Cradles for Cash" is that good in itself as we have Kelly listening to this stranger who says her baby was abducted and going with her to try and find hers. But there are some sort of okay ideas as we have the woman who is doing the abduction, being threatened by some Eastern European into stealing these new born babies, but she has a young daughter who doesn't understand what is going on when her mum keeps on bringing babies home. Yet for every good idea in "Cradles for Cash" there is bad, such as every hospital security guard being lousy at doing their jobs.

What this all boils down to is that "Cradles for Cash" is a poor movie which is riddled with issues from bad acting to bad writing. But to give it some credit there are a couple of nice ideas in the midst of a lot of bad ones.